Looking for handy tips and tricks that will help you complete your small move affordably and easily? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we will share the most common challenges people face during small moves, as well as seven tips and tricks for a seamless move. Whether you’re moving a two-bedroom condo or a Grand piano, this guide will come in handy.

What is a Small Move?

Before we dive in, let’s explain what classifies as a small move:

  • Number of Items: A ‘small’ tag can be applied to moves ranging from a single item or a few boxes to a 2-bedroom condo in Mississauga. If it’s much more than that, it’s classified as a regular move.
  • Distance Travelled: You are moving items intra-city, whether it’s to another building in the same Mississauga region or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. If the location is farther out, it’ll become a long-distance move.

You may be wondering, “how much do small movers in Toronto and Mississauga charge?” Great question! The answer is the same as they would for any short distance move. This means that pricing is calculated by the hour, unless you have oversized or specific items that need special care. Common small moves are condo to condo moves and piano moves. People also hire small movers in Mississauga to move office equipment around the GTA because it’s more cost-effective than shipping it with a courier company and easier than doing it yourself.

5 Most Common Challenges of Small Moves

  1. Small Movers in Toronto = Big Price Tag

The top challenge with small moves is finding reasonably priced services. Many companies have high base rates, which means that even if you are only moving one or a couple of items, you’re given a large moving truck and required to pay a minimum number of hours that you won’t fully use.

  1. Fighting the Kijiji/Facebook Marketplace Temptation

In an attempt to try and save, people may feel compelled to hire a “person with a van” on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. While the price tag may look appealing at first, there are many negative circumstances that can occur. From not showing up to mishandling and breaking your items, this avenue can become very expensive very quickly.

  1. Skimping Early, Paying Big Later

Unfortunately, not all small movers near you are reputable. Some advertise too-good-to-be-true prices that draw you in and hit you with hidden charges afterward. This is why it’s always important to ask what services are included within the quote you’re given.

  1. Struggling to Find a Professional Team

When you search for “best small movers near me” on Google, you’ll likely be given a long list of moving companies. Choosing the right team may feel like a gamble, especially if you need a moving company quickly.

  1. Bad Packaging Leads to Broken Things

Skimping on packaging materials is a recipe for disaster. Cheap cardboard boxes offer little cushioning, meaning they are more likely to give out or impact its contents. A standard cardboard box isn’t the right answer for all items either; glasses will break, wires will get tangled, and clothes will come out on the other side looking disheveled.

7 Tips and Tricks from Small Movers

  1. Find Reputable Small Movers in Mississauga

The most important task is finding the right moving team. A reputable, experienced team will make your move seamless, ensure you receive the value you expect, and avoid any billing surprises. Full-service movers, like Rent-a-Son, offer countless helpful services, which helps to relieve the stress of moving.

If you’re not sure whether a company in reputable, consider the following questions to guide your decision:

  • How many moves have they completed?
  • How are the reviews on HomeStars, Google, and Facebook?
  • Do they do small moves?
  • Are their trucks equipped with GPS systems?
  • Do they offer additional services like storage and moving supplies?
  1. Get Quality Packing Supplies from Small Movers Near You

One factor that you should not skimp on is your moving supplies. Thin cardboard boxes offer poor protection and lead to breakage during the move. What’s more, it’s likely that they will increase the effort of packing up as well.

Instead, attain your supplies directly from a professional moving company. They’ll have high-quality supplies and specialized boxes, such as wardrobe and wine boxes, that will speed up packing and decrease the chances of damage along the way.

  1. Shop Around for Quotes

Quotes will vary enormously between small movers, so the right way to get the best price for your needs is to request quotes from a number of sources. At Rent-a-Son, we have a convenient virtual inventory that allows you to see an accurate estimate for your move.

  1. Label Every Box

One of the biggest annoyances after a residential or commercial move is not being able to find what you are looking for. When all your cardboard boxes look alike and aren’t labelled, you will struggle to identify their contents without opening the box. This can become messy and difficult to remember.

To avoid this confusion, use a label maker or permanent marker to label your boxes neatly. Whether you list what it contains or what room or area it is intended for, your unpacking process will be much more efficient.

  1. Start Packing Early

Leaving packing until the last minute is an excellent way to create unnecessary anxiety and mistakes. We encourage people to start packing months in advance, leaving only the day-to-day essentials for last-minute packing.

  1. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Are you paying to move things you don’t want or need around? Take some time before the move to dispose of items that you can do without. Donate or sell items that are in usable condition and recycle the rest responsibly. Not only do you save the expense is moving these items unnecessarily, but you also won’t have to unpack it at your new location.

  1. Have a Travel Bag Ready

Even if you’re moving a short distance, having a bag of essential items is important. Keep items like documents, food, and your favourite blanket handy, just in case you don’t feel like unpacking right away. If you are moving with children, having toys, diapers, and more on hand is vitally important in making the move less stressful.

Why We’re the Best Small Movers Near You

Rent-a-Son is an 8-time winner of Best of HomeStars award. We are the go-to mover for some of Canada’s biggest businesses, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Molson Coors, and Google.

Every mover at our company undergoes extensive training and background checks before they get to work, ensuring they are a high-quality team for our clients. To get an accurate estimate for your move, speak to us or fill out our virtual inventory in minutes.