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Floor Mats and Runners

Save your floors from getting scratched, and prevent rips in your carpet with floor runners for moving. Vinyl carpet floor runners can be laid on top of your carpet and protect it from damage. They are perfect if you will be making a lot of trips up and down the carpet or if you'll be moving heavy items that can snag the fibers.

Looking to add a runner on a hardwood floor, sealed cement, or other hard surface? Choose floor runners with a non-slip grip. That will stop them from sliding around when people walk on them and reduce the risk of injury.

Other Uses of Floor Carpet Runners

Runners are useful for so much more than moves. You can lay down an outdoor carpet floor runner on your patio or front walkway to stop dirt from entering your home. Runners are easy to clean, too, meaning no extra vacuuming or washing to add to your chore list.

Red carpet floor runners are also ideal for special occasions, such as weddings, graduations, and galas. Simply roll them out, and you have a sturdy, safe carpeted surface ready to go in minutes.

Neoprene floor runners improve footing and protect the surface underneath. They are non-slip, meaning you can even use them on stairs and ramps. Runners also reduce tangling under dolly wheels

and protect carpets from damage. Floor mats and runners are easy to carry and install at different locations. If needed, you can even cut them to fit your space!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular floor runners for moving?

Some of the top moving runners are utility runners. Note that they are available in a wide range of materials and sizes, so consult an expert before placing your order. Some of the most popular runners are:

  • Tenex 27-in, Cut-to-Length: This clear, extruded vinyl utility runner is a no-nonsense option that offers excellent traction and protection. Being able to see the surface underneath is handy, too.
  • Apache Mills, Inc. Anti-Fatigue Runner 36-in W Cut-to-Length: Available in gray cast, this is another vinyl utility runner. It offers excellent durability. The additional width makes it more suitable for dolly use.
  • Nance 26-in W Cut-to-Length: This tufted, patterned runner is made of nylon. It offers a good balance between durability and a carpet-like finish.
  • Natco Canyon 26-in W Cut-to-Length: This woven polypropylene runner is available in numerous patterns, intricate enough to rival carpets.

What other items should you consider?

To maximize protection for your flooring, consider getting moving blankets, flooring tape, and a sturdy dolly for your move. These provide an additional layer of protection for your floor and protect your walls from scratches and dents. Corner protectors for heavy items, such as pianos, are also a worthwhile investment.

Where can you get high-quality floor carpet runners?

Rent-a-Son is the ideal place for high-quality floor runners for moving. We offer competitive prices for our moving supplies without compromising on quality. Browse our selection or get in touch with our team to learn more about our products and services.