Remember the good old days when monthly rent in Toronto wasn’t the same as the downpayment on a car? Or when ‘essential’ moving kits didn’t start at $120 at your next-door big box store!

Moving can seem expensive enough without adding in the cost of moving supplies. In this blog, we’ll tell you:

1) The average cost of moving boxes is in Toronto.

2) How you can save money (and make packing simpler).

How Much Do Moving Boxes in Toronto Cost?

The cost of moving boxes depends on where you buy them, what the quality’s like, and how big they are. We’ve done a little research, and here’s the average cost.

Note your numbers will definitely differ from what we have, thanks in part to inflation and because sellers keep changing prices (sometimes you’ll get boxes for cheaper because of a sale; else, during busy periods, they’ll cost more).

Type of Box

Average Price


Small Box


Ideal for packing books, small appliances, or fragile items. Easy to handle and stack.
Medium Box


Versatile size for packing kitchenware, toys, or electronics. Sturdy and easy to move.
Large Box


Suitable for clothing, bedding, and larger household items. Provides ample space for packing.
Wardrobe Box


Equipped with a metal hanging bar for transporting hanging clothes. Protects garments from wrinkles.
Dish Box


Designed with dividers for safe transportation of fragile dishes, glassware, and other breakable items.
Electronics Box


Padded with foam inserts to secure and protect delicate electronics such as TVs, monitors, or computer equipment.
File Box


Specifically designed for organizing and transporting documents, files, and paperwork. Features a lid for easy access.
Mirror Box


Constructed with adjustable panels to accommodate mirrors, artwork, or framed pictures of various sizes. Protects against damage.

Looking to Save Money On Moving Boxes? Some Things You Shouldn’t Do

Buying Too Many Boxes

You’ve bought them, now you’ll struggle to return them. Most stores will be reluctant to take back boxes that have been unfolded or look even slightly used.

Buying Too Few Boxes

Making trips to the local store constantly isn’t doing you any favours. You’re wasting gas, energy, and precious minutes you could have used for packing.

Reusing Old Boxes

They look fine right until the bottom gives out, and your precious china comes crashing down. Cardboard boxes are often a one-time product, unfortunately, especially if they get wet. At least they’re easily recyclable.

Buying on Amazon

Amazon is the flavour of the month for deals, but we’ll advise steering clear. The lower prices come at the cost of thin walls, poor construction, and boxes that will fail when you least expect it.

Buying From Your Local Hardware Store

You can get quality boxes at hardware stores, but you’re going to be paying through the nose (and get a limited selection to boot).

Where to Get Moving Boxes (and Save Big!)

If you’re wondering where to get moving boxes, here’s the answer—Rent-a-Son. We have high-quality, specialized, affordable moving supplies in Toronto that will save you time and money. Just fill out our form or talk to our team to find out how much you can save on moving boxes in Toronto.