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Buy Bubble Wrap, Ship with Confidence

Whether you are shipping personal belongings or office equipment, it's essential that your items stay safe during handling and delivery. Packing materials, such as plastic bubble wrap, give you the peace of mind that items are protected once they're out of your hand. Bubble wrap cocoons items in a soft, protective layer, saving items from impact, scratching, and damage.

You can use bubble wrap rolls to make your shipping process as efficient and secure as possible. Bubble wrap can be used to cover fragile items such as glassware, chairs, tables, and equipment.

Protect Fragile Items with Bubble Wrap

The idea behind bubble wrap is simple. It is a plastic wrap that contains small bubbles of air to create a soft cushion around your item. Some wraps also include a nylon barrier that prevents the bubbles from losing air over time. That makes wraps ideal for wrapping fragile items, filling extra space in shipping boxes, and as an additional layer of protection.

The cushioning offered by bubble wrap is classified according to the height of the bubbles, called cellular chambers or cells. These cells can be anywhere from 1/8 inch in height to 1 inch in height. For moves,

3/16 or 1/2-inch cells are the ideal size. These offer the best balance between cushioning and the amount of space they take up in the box.

Fortunately, regardless of the cell size you opt for, bubble wraps are extremely lightweight. That means they will not increase your shipping costs unduly.

Choosing the Right Bubble Wraps

There are three things to consider when choosing bubble wrap rolls: the thickness of the bubble, the length of the roll, and the length of each perforated sheet. Perforated sheets are usually around 12″ long, and rolls tend to come in 200' lengths. Bubble wrap rolls have perforations every 12″, meaning you can rip out of the correct length without having to use any knives or scissors.

Wraps are available in a 12″ width and an extra-wide 24″ width. The 12″ size is used most for shipping, though you can use the wide wrap for added protection.

History of Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap® was invented and trademarked in 1957. In the decades since, its popularity has grown tremendously, and the term bubble wrap has become a generic term. Plastic bubble wrap is available in a wide range of forms, cell sizes, and lengths. There is the standard bubble wrap used for moves, anti-static wrap used to ship electronics, and even adhesive wraps that stick directly to the items they will be used to protect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does bubble wrap cost?

Bubble wrap rolls start at around $35.99 for a 12″ wide roll with small cells (bubbles). Heavy-duty rolls with 24″ wide wraps and larger cells can cost around $400.