Toronto’s Best Storage Unit Services

We provide the best furniture storage options in Toronto to make sure that our award-winning customer service extends to our storage service as well!

We provide the best furniture storage options in Toronto to make sure that our award-winning customer service extends to our storage service as well!

Secure Storage Units for You!

Rent-a-Son provides a 100% safe and secure storage option in our climate and temperature-controlled warehouse. With custom storage units, there is no item too big or small for our warehouse. As the best movers in Toronto, we also offer extensive storage solutions with individual wooden storage crates and full blanket wrapping to protect any fragile or breakable items while they are in our care.

Here's How Our Moving and Storage Works

No back-breaking lifting and shifting here. Unlike other storage companies in Toronto, we make storing your possessions so effortless!

  • Tell us what you want to store – Fill out an online inventory or talk to our team about your storage needs. We’ll tell you about our storage solutions, help you find the most cost-effective options, and schedule a pick-up.
  • Leave the packing hassles to the pros – Pack possessions yourself or have our professionals take care of packing. We even disassemble furniture, move pianos, and take care of all the nitty-gritties.
  • Have our team lift and shift – Don’t waste hours stuffing your loading and unloading your vehicle. Our team will move all your items to the storage facility and place it carefully in your secure unit.
  • Get your possessions delivered anywhere you want – No pick-up hassles either! Just tell us where you want us to deliver your boxes, and we’ll have them on the road to you in no time at all!

Why Store With Us?

Storage for Moves

Moving within the city or long-distance across Canada or the U.S.? Enjoy flexible storage plans that fit your needs and save you money. Store anything from a few boxes to your hoarding collection effortlessly.

Get the convenience of storage and moving services all in one. We pack and move your items to the storage facility. When you’re ready, we’ll deliver everything to your new location, whether it’s on the east or west coast!

Storage for Students

Moving dorms or houses? Just need a place to keep your things between terms? No problem, our flexible plans and affordable pricing for students make it easy for you to store your things. Our team will come to your location to collect everything, store it safely, and deliver it once you’re back from summer vacation.

Graduating university? No problem, we can deliver everything you own to your home without a hitch!

Storage for Renovations

Don’t ruin furniture and belongings by blowing construction dust. Minimize the risk of break-ins and the hassle of moving everything around as you complete a renovation with our storage services. Our team handles all items professionally, stores everything safely, and delivers items when you want.

Storage for Office Relocations

Whether you’re moving offices, going fully remote, or just need a space to store your items till the property manager completes repairs, we’re the team for you. Take advantage of a hassle-free storage experience when you work with experienced commercial movers. Our team is expert at handling office equipment, IT infrastructure, furniture, and more.


Here at Rent-a-Son, we have a 22,000 sq ft warehouse that is perfect for storing your items. This space is climate-controlled and also temperature controlled so, rest assured, your items will be kept at a constant and moderated temperature to avoid any warping or damage. As well, it is kept meticulously clean with pest control systems in place.

Packages taken for storage unit by Rent-a-Son professional in Toronto
Image of boxes kept at the storage unit of Rent-a-Son in Toronto, ON

The storage unit is alarmed with video surveillance both inside and out to ensure the maximum protection of your items. There is also no public access to the storage facility for security reasons which substantially decreases the risk of theft or loss. With this warehouse option, we have successfully created the ideal space to provide the most stress-free storage option for your prized possessions.


Unlike most storage lockers, we store your items in heavy-duty custom wooden storage crates that measure 7x7x7ft. If you have special items that exceed these dimensions, we also provide a specialized racking area for larger items as well as skids for smaller items. During the payment process, we will simply bill you based on the number of crates that your items occupy. As a part of this full-service experience, we also provide the wrapping and protection of your possessions while in our Toronto storage facility.

A professional of Rent-a-Son handling the storage boxes in Toronto
Inventory Process arrow image


During the moving process, your Toronto moving crew will complete a detailed inventory of each and every item that you will be storing with us. Each item will receive a unique tag/sticker to identify it in our system. This ensures that there is a comprehensive record of all items in our care in case of loss or damage while in storage and a copy of this inventory will be provided to you on moving day.


Request a free estimate today!

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Detailed Estimation Process

Our estimates are so accurate that they fall within 1% of the actual invoice, on average!

In order to provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate for our services, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your needs prior to your moving day. We will work together to collect inventory of the items you need moved using either an online form or a virtual survey of your home. While we do require you to complete these simple steps ahead of your moving day, it will ensure that we have a realistic and uncomplicated plan that you are happy with. As well, these steps will guarantee we have everything set up in the best possible way to avoid any surprises on moving day — both for you and your crew.

Rent-a-Son movers representational icon

Professional, Friendly and Fully Trained Movers

We believe that every great move starts with a great team!

We have an entire HR team dedicated to finding the best people, heavily screening and background checking all prospective employees. Rent-a-Son then takes things a step further by constantly training and upgrading the skills of all movers in the field through our own proprietary training program. Our foremen assume leadership roles to effectively mentor newer employees and help them to be the best in the business. All of our crews are professional and friendly and will make moving day an easy and great and stress-free experience for you!

Awards and achievements icon

Best Movers in Toronto

Rent-a-Son is the best moving company with the best movers in Toronto and the GTA and we have the awards to prove it!

We have won the award for ‘Best Movers’ on Homestars 7 times with over 1,000 reviews. We are an accredited business with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. We are a ‘Certified Canadian Mover’ with the Canadian Association of Movers. We have also won the ‘Customer Choice’ award from North American Van Lines. We will continue to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the best local moving service in the city!

Customer Service Second to None

Sorry, you won’t get to enjoy our call-holding tune. Have your questions answered in minutes when you speak to a friendly, knowledgeable team. Our customer service professionals have the tools and authority to answer your questions and make sure your needs are met.

Keep an eye on your belongings, too, when they’re on the move. Our trucks are GPS-enabled, providing real-time updates.

Storage for Personal and Professional Needs

Residential Storage

Moving from a house or condo? Shifting dorms? Moving away for work or just moving for the heck of it? Store all your prized possessions in a secured, monitored, temperature-controlled warehouse in the city. We will come and collect your belongings, store everything, and deliver everything back to you for a truly seamless experience!

Commercial Storage

Shifting office spaces and warehouses couldn’t be easier! With our labour services, moving support, and storage facilities, you’ll marvel at how easy moving can be. Our secure, climate-controlled warehouse is ideal for everything from documents to delicate IT equipment. Store items as long as you want, and have them picked up and dropped off wherever you need.

FAQ's About Our Storage Facility in Toronto

Find answers to some of the most common questions people have about storing items with us.

A storage unit is a rented space or container used to store personal or business belongings. It provides a secure and convenient option for storing items when you have limited space at home or during a move. Storage units come in various sizes, meaning you only pay for what you store. If you have any questions, contact us to learn more.

Although we are primarily a packing and moving company, we can still offer you public storage options if you would like to bring your items to our facility. However, we cannot assume liability for pre-existing damage as we did not transport the items to our location and will not provide an inventory for them.

Absolutely! We can provide storage in Toronto or another city if required during long-distance relocations. Talk to your coordinator about your options as we provide our services through North American Van Lines.
Definitely! We provide pickup services for both residential moving and commercial moving for locations outside of the GTA. If you require pickup for items outside of Toronto, you are responsible for funding the travel time for us to get onto location from Toronto and back.
Storage units have many common uses, such as storing furniture during a renovation, keeping seasonal items like sports equipment or holiday decorations, decluttering a home, or providing temporary storage during a move. If you are moving away for a few months or a year or so, a storage unit is a great option for storing your belongings.

Though it’s hard to say exactly what is and isn’t allowed, broadly speaking, the following items will not be allowed:

  • Perishable goods, such as cooked food.
  • Flammable or hazardous materials.
  • Firearms.
  • Substances deemed illegal by law.
  • Live animals.

If you are thinking of storing something you’re not sure about, check with our team beforehand. If the item cannot be stored at our facility, our team may be able to advise you on where else you can store it.

To maintain the security of the items we have stored, we don’t allow public access to our storage facility. Our storage facility is an alarmed, temperature-controlled space, which is why we offer industry-leading safety for items. Our team will collect and deliver items to you, all while maintaining a comprehensive record of the items in our care.

Sorry, Rent-a-Son’s storage facility does not allow personal visits or drop-offs. We do this to maximize security and ensure our warehouse meets the strict temperature-controlled environment we maintain.

To ensure you have access to your items whenever you need them, we offer responsive pick-up and delivery services. Simply send us a message or talk to our team and have your possessions delivered to your doorstep in no time at all!

If you’re looking to store things like pianos, servers, hard drives, furniture, or fragile equipment, a climate-controlled facility is absolutely essential! It means we maintain a stable temperature and keep the environment at a specified humidity.

For instance, this prevents pianos from going out of tune (though there will be some changes once it’s moved out of your space) and stops papers from becoming damp or discoloured.

Rent-a-Son offers affordable, flexible furniture storage services in Toronto. Whether you are storing furniture for a condo, house, or an office, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the city.

You don’t even need to worry about hauling heavy furniture to and from our facility. Our movers will come to your location, disassemble and pack the furniture, and store it at our facility.

To protect your belongings from damage in a storage unit, it’s advisable to use proper packing materials such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and furniture covers. Label your boxes for easy identification and stack them securely to maximize space. For instance, our wooden storage boxes are lined with full blankets to protect fragile items.

Yes, you can rent a storage unit for a short period of time. You can choose to store your items for as long as you want. Our customers love the flexibility this offers. It allows you to store items between moves, meaning you don’t have to find alternate accommodation right away.

We accept most major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and online payment methods for our storage services. To find out if your preferred mode of payment is available, speak to our team. We are able to accommodate special instructions, so don’t be afraid to give us a call to learn more.

To find a reputable storage service in Toronto, you can start by researching online and reading customer reviews. Look for storage facilities that have positive feedback, clean and secure premises, and good customer service. Asking for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues is a great idea too.

Oh yes! Our customers love the convenience of being able to store their belongings while they are moving to and from Toronto. For you, everything works like a standard move. Our team comes and packs (if you want us to) and then moves your items to our secure warehouse. Once you’re ready, we’ll deliver everything to you at your new place.

Yes, right here at Rent-a-Son! We maintain an alarmed, monitored, and temperature-controlled warehouse. This ensures that your belongings stay at a consistent level of humidity and temperature, vital for fragile items such as electronics and wooden items. Find out if your facility suits your needs by talking to our team.

The cost of a storage unit depends on a variety of factors, including how much storage space you need and for how long you need it. To get an accurate estimate for your storage needs, speak to our team. Once we know how much you are looking to store, our team will help you find the most cost-effective option for you and provide an estimate.

How accurate are our estimates? Our final invoices come to within 1% of the estimate most of the time!

At Rent-a-Son, our team is hand-selected by the pros. All of our movers undergo extensive background checks and screening. They receive extensive training and have to pass our proprietary program with flying colours before they come anywhere near your items.


Rent-a-Son is the best moving company in Toronto and we have the client reviews to prove it! At Rent-a-Son, we value your feedback and work to respond to the varying needs and requests of our many customers. Learn more about what Rent-a-Son clients have to say about our award-winning moving, packing and storage services.

Quality movers. Quick, efficient & neat!
Jovana Smoljanic
Jovana Smoljanic
My go to for any move!
jon lewis
jon lewis
My compliments to Erika and the team at Rent A Son for quick and consistent response and follow up. I have used other companies in the past but now have all our move related work booked directly with them as we have had positive feed back from our clients.
Andre Lee-Rodrigues
Andre Lee-Rodrigues
Today was my second move this month as I am rightsizing 2 households. For the second move I chose a new company and I am so happy I did. My move was out of a condo to a house and also to a storage facility. Lots of moving parts and the team of Theodore and Adrien handled it all with ease. They were a pleasure to work with on site and Rob Nunn was wonderful to deal with through the planning process. Thanks for a great move. I will be recommending Rent A Son to everyone.
Anne Sutherland
Anne Sutherland
Brock and Marvin were a pleasure to work with on my move. Highly recommend!
David Larock
David Larock
Fast response, flexible, accommodating and very professional. I had Kashane and Denys as my movers for the day and they were fast and efficient, made my long distance province move from Ontario to Quebec completely stress free. They also disassembled, packed the furniture and brought all the supplies I was missing. Might cost a bit more than others but worth every penny. Just book them.
Bash Rifai
Bash Rifai
We had a great moving experience with Rob and Fabio and the rest of the team at Rent-A-Son! Made our move that much easier and less stressful. Our moving team were excellent, friendly and incredibly efficient.
Roddy Fraser-Davidson
Roddy Fraser-Davidson
Very happy with the internal move that Kashane and Reynolds handled for us today. Even with a difficult couch and stairway combination they tried every approach and in the end I felt they had made the best of the situation. And they managed to stay within the time allotted for the move. I could not have asked for more. Great attitudes and very professional. I hope I can get these guys again when the time comes to put things back after our renovations are done.
Don Malcho
Don Malcho
I would highly recommend Rent-a-Son for your moving needs. Rob was very helpful during the booking process and make it seamless to book their service. Our movers, Theo and Adrian, were great to work with as well. They were punctual, efficient, and took great care in making sure our move was worry free. They go the extra mile to make sure your furniture does not get damaged during the move and leave your house neat and tidy after the move as well. They even disassembled and re-assembled our beds. Thank you Rent-a-Son for the wonderful service and we will definitely use you again in the future!
Vatsala Verma
Vatsala Verma
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