We’ve all been there: You have to move from your Toronto condo, and you’re not sure if you need to get professional movers. There doesn’t seem to be that much stuff and, besides, your friends have promised to help you with some pizza and beer.

So, should you try to move everything yourself, or should you get condo movers? Here are four reasons why you should get Toronto movers for your apartment/condo move.

It’s Probably Cheaper

Do you really think that you’ll save a pretty penny moving everything yourself? Let’s consider the costs you will have to bear if you don’t get professional movers:

  • Packaging material at expensive retail prices.
  • Moving equipment that you’ll use once and likely never again.
  • Gas for making multiple trips to complete even a small move.
  • Possibly renting a truck or van.
  • Paying Toronto’s enormous parking fees.

If, instead, you work with a professional condo moving company, you’ll only have to pay one predictable, competitive rate.

Want to be surprised by how affordable our condo movers are at Rent-a-Son? Tell us about your move and get an accurate estimate within minutes.

It’s Definitely Faster

Professional movers are basically Olympic athletes at disassembling, packing, and loading items carefully! You, most probably, are not. What takes our movers a couple of hours is likely to take you several days. Part of the reason is that we have specialized packing materials for loose and fragile items; another part is just our experience.

Getting friends to help you will move things along a little faster, but then you have the added job of trying to organize the move the way you want to (“Don’t pack the cat in that carton, Bill!”).

It’s Less Risky

Repeated, heavy lifting takes an enormous toll on the body. If you’re not careful about using the correct posture, you can easily hurt your back.

If you’re uncomfortable handling large items (such as bed frames), you can quickly cause damage to the elevator, your old apartment, or the common areas. If that happens, it may mean waving goodbye to your security deposit (now that’s certainly more expensive than hiring apartment moving services)!

On the other hand, when you work with a licensed and insured condo moving company, you don’t have to worry about these things.

They Know the Tricks of the Trade

Whether it’s parking on the street and not being clubbed with a hefty parking fine or finding a time when peak hour traffic won’t slow down your move, your apartment moving service will know the tricks to get your move done with the least fuss.

For you, it’ll mean less running around, less arguing with the building concierge, and just fewer worry lines trying to coordinate the move. We’ll tell you what we tell our clients: “You sit there and look good. We’ll take care of everything…”.

Condo Movers Will Make Your Day So Much Easier

With thousands of condo and apartment moves under our belt at Rent-a-Son, we know how to make moving day easy. You’ll work with a professional team committed to your convenience. Why else do you think we are 8-time winners of Best of HomeStars?

So, tell us about your condo move, get an accurate estimate, and make your move effortless.