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Make do-it-yourself packing and moving simpler with Rent-a-Son. We provide everything you need to make your move effortless. From cartons to tape, we are your one-stop-shop for moving supplies!


Make do-it-yourself packing and moving simpler with Rent-a-Son. We provide everything you need to make your move effortless. From cartons to tape, we are your one-stop-shop for moving supplies!

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From variously sized boxes to bubble wrap, packing tape to markers—we’ve got it all. Moving can be tiresome, and we understand entirely. That’s why our team at Rent-a-Son provides you with A-to-Z services to ensure a comfortable relocation.

Whether you are relocating into a new home or commercial building, within your city or across the country—Rent a Son moving services take care of everything. No job is too big for our team of dedicated staff. Just fill in our online form today, and we will get back to you in no time!


Our extensive selection of moving boxes come in a wide variety of sizes to suit your every need. Simply give our team a list of your items, and we will guide you in the selection process. Rent-a-Son moving will supply boxes that fit your requirements accurately.


Have an item that won’t fit in a regular-shaped box or needs special care? Don’t worry. Rent-a-Son movers provide unique packages specifically designed for each purpose and oddly-shaped item.
Wardrobe boxes: These have a unique design for hanging clothes. They are tall enough to fit your garments without crushing them.
Mirror and picture moving boxes: These protect glass and delicate artwork so that you can move your fragile frames with ease. These are thin yet sturdy for extra durability.
TV boxes: These uniquely built boxes are robust and protect your television screen. They let you achieve heavy-duty storage and transport. We also supply extra cushioning material for added support.
Dish packs and kitchen boxes: These come with extra partitions and cushioning to hold your glassware and china with optimum support during the move.
Reach out to our team for more customizable moving supplies and moving boxes tailored to your needs.


As an award-winning service, Rent-a-Son moving does everything to ensure the safety and care of your possessions. From loading containers to moving boxes, quilted blankets, floor runners to protect your floor, and special packaging for fragile items—Rent-a-Son movers have thought of every detail.
Use our packing paper to wrap everyday items before inserting them into the box. Bubble wrap and tissue paper are available to create cushioning and protect your items during transportation. Ask us for sealing tape, markers, and stickers to organize your items in the best way possible. We make packing and unpacking hassle-free and quick.


Our friendly and thoroughly trained staff has extensive experience and is ready to handle all your relocation needs. We conduct an exhaustive background check to ensure that everyone we hire has no criminal record and is 100% dedicated to handling your moving boxes and items with utmost care.
Rent-a-Son moving takes extra steps to train and upgrade the capabilities of all our staff through our expert training program.


Rent-a-Son movers give you more than just moving supplies and boxes. We have extra hands at your disposal anytime. Our fully-trained and qualified staff will hand-pack your items, sort out your moving boxes, dismantle and assemble your appliances, and pack everything using top-quality moving supplies in Toronto, ON.
Our hardworking team is well-versed in handling and carrying moving boxes of all weights and sizes. We will also take special care of your walls and floors to ensure we leave no marks or scratches. Take the load off your hands by using our professional labour services with our high-quality moving supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few essential things you’ll need before starting your packing:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Permanent marker
  • Coloured post-it notes (or label maker)
  • Packing tape

Consider getting specialized packing boxes, too, such as for fragile items; they can save you a lot of time packing!

Try and keep moving boxes to a maximum of around 15 kilograms (or about 30 pounds). Any more than that and you risk the bottom giving way, the handles breaking, or a back injury!

A good rule of thumb is to pack heavy items, like books, at the bottom and fill the remaining space with lighter items, such as cushions.

There are a few things you should avoid packing in boxes (and your movers may ask you to take them out):

  • Flammable items, such as gasoline and kerosene
  • Chemicals and corrosives
  • Perishables, such as produce and cooked foods
  • Plants
  • Pets (!)

Fragile items, too, should be packed in boxes specially designed for them.

No, you don’t have to pack everything in boxes for the move. That said, boxes are usually the most efficient way to pack items.

Some things that we move without boxes are:

  • Plants
  • Oversized items
  • Clothes
  • Furniture

If you can’t find the right box for something special, ask us about our specialized packing boxes.

Moving boxes serve two basic purposes: organization and protection.

Boxes are a great way to organize items, especially the fussy little things that don’t seem to fit anywhere.

Moving boxes protect your belongings from damage during transport, though you should have taken care to pack carefully, too.

Moving supplies can cost anywhere from $100 for a studio apartment to over $700 for 4-bedroom houses and larger. This will include moving boxes, packing tape, newsprint for packing, and bubble wrap.

You may also want to invest in a permanent marker or a label maker to make organizing the move easier.

A small move, such as for a 1-bedroom condo in Toronto, needs around 25 boxes. A 4-bedroom house can easily take over 110 boxes. If you have children or lots of items, expect that number to shoot up.

Here’s an easy way to save money on moving supplies: fill out our online inventory to find out how many boxes you may need and save yourself from paying retail prices for moving supplies.

Oh, definitely boxes! Boxes are easy to stack, easy to transport on a dolly, and easy to pack on trucks. They allow our movers to make the most efficient use of truck space and protect your belongings during transport.

Using bags for things like clothes is fine, but you’re much better off getting moving boxes.

Good news! Recyclable, reusable cardboard moving boxes start at $3.00. However, the cost of moving boxes is dependent on its size, shape, and overall purpose.

For example, specialized boxes, such as those for televisions or wardrobes, can range from $22.95 to $34.95. Tell us about your move, so we can provide tailored recommendations for moving materials.

That really depends on what you’re moving, but we recommend using cardboard moving boxes. They are reusable, recyclable, and incredibly cost-effective. You can collapse them flat, too, meaning storage is easier.

Plastic boxes can seem attractive, but they cost a lot more and can be a chore to store. This is why they end up in the landfill more often than not!


Request a free estimate from Rent a Son moving services today!

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your move to guarantee a quote that falls within 1% of your actual invoice!

Our in-depth knowledge ensures that there are no hidden costs and surprise expenses throughout your move. We collect an inventory of your items through a virtual survey or online form. With this information, we can provide you with a realistic relocation plan. Rent-a-Son moving forecasts all your needs by staying one step ahead to make sure you go through a stress-free and happy move. Our costs are transparent, thorough, and trustworthy. You will pay for only what you use—from moving supplies to labour. Our crew does everything to ensure you don’t come across any surprises along the way, for your peace of mind!

Our reputation precedes us, and we’re proud of our high customer ratings due to high-quality service.

Throughout the years, local communities and cities across Canada have come to trust our services. Residents and businesses come to Rent-a-Son through recommendations and word-of-mouth advice. We are happy to boast over 900 reviews of 4.8/5 stars on Google and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Our friendly, high-quality expertise motivates us to continue providing our customers with the best moving services. Complete customer satisfaction is what keeps us going, and we do everything we can to exceed your expectations. Rent-a-Son moving supply and services are always open to your feedback and suggestions, so we can continue to provide you with the best move for years to come.

We treat all your belongings like our own and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Rent-a-Son’s team is passionate about what we do. We have been there for families moving into their first home to large companies transferring into multiple new office spaces. No matter what size or area, we’ve got the moving supplies to accommodate and the expertise to make it hassle-free and smooth. Our dedication to high-quality service means that we will go out of our way to make your move a success. Your moving boxes, furniture, gadgets, garments, personal items, and fragile pieces are in the safest hands. From the time you contact our team until you move into your new space, our professional crew is a call away. Choose Rent a Son moving supplies for the best move!


Rent-a-Son is the best moving company in Toronto and we have the client reviews to prove it! At Rent-a-Son, we value your feedback and work to respond to the varying needs and requests of our many customers. Learn more about what Rent-a-Son clients have to say about our award-winning moving, packing and storage services.

Quality movers. Quick, efficient & neat!
Jovana Smoljanic
Jovana Smoljanic
My go to for any move!
jon lewis
jon lewis
My compliments to Erika and the team at Rent A Son for quick and consistent response and follow up. I have used other companies in the past but now have all our move related work booked directly with them as we have had positive feed back from our clients.
Andre Lee-Rodrigues
Andre Lee-Rodrigues
Today was my second move this month as I am rightsizing 2 households. For the second move I chose a new company and I am so happy I did. My move was out of a condo to a house and also to a storage facility. Lots of moving parts and the team of Theodore and Adrien handled it all with ease. They were a pleasure to work with on site and Rob Nunn was wonderful to deal with through the planning process. Thanks for a great move. I will be recommending Rent A Son to everyone.
Anne Sutherland
Anne Sutherland
Brock and Marvin were a pleasure to work with on my move. Highly recommend!
David Larock
David Larock
Fast response, flexible, accommodating and very professional. I had Kashane and Denys as my movers for the day and they were fast and efficient, made my long distance province move from Ontario to Quebec completely stress free. They also disassembled, packed the furniture and brought all the supplies I was missing. Might cost a bit more than others but worth every penny. Just book them.
Bash Rifai
Bash Rifai
We had a great moving experience with Rob and Fabio and the rest of the team at Rent-A-Son! Made our move that much easier and less stressful. Our moving team were excellent, friendly and incredibly efficient.
Roddy Fraser-Davidson
Roddy Fraser-Davidson
Very happy with the internal move that Kashane and Reynolds handled for us today. Even with a difficult couch and stairway combination they tried every approach and in the end I felt they had made the best of the situation. And they managed to stay within the time allotted for the move. I could not have asked for more. Great attitudes and very professional. I hope I can get these guys again when the time comes to put things back after our renovations are done.
Don Malcho
Don Malcho
I would highly recommend Rent-a-Son for your moving needs. Rob was very helpful during the booking process and make it seamless to book their service. Our movers, Theo and Adrian, were great to work with as well. They were punctual, efficient, and took great care in making sure our move was worry free. They go the extra mile to make sure your furniture does not get damaged during the move and leave your house neat and tidy after the move as well. They even disassembled and re-assembled our beds. Thank you Rent-a-Son for the wonderful service and we will definitely use you again in the future!
Vatsala Verma
Vatsala Verma
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