Moving offices can be disruptive and have a real impact on your business’s bottom line. How much? Estimates are that downtime can cost a Canadian business around $20,000 per hour.

When every second counts in the moving process, tips from experienced office movers in Toronto can make all the difference. In this blog, we’ll give you seven handy tips that will help you minimize disruption and downtime your office experiences during its move.

7 Time-Saving Tips from Office Movers in Toronto

1. Plan Ahead (and Preferably Work with an Office Moving Company)

The key to a successful move is planning. Set realistic times, prepare checklists, and start making the necessary arrangements well before moving day. The sooner you start, the smoother your move will be down the line.

Working with an office moving company can help to make sure you don’t forget anything prior to the big day. From ensuring your checklists are comprehensive to scheduling the day to the tee, a moving team can be the difference between a seamless experience and chaos.

2. Choose the Right Commercial Moving Company in Toronto

Investing in the help of an office moving company doesn’t just mean having a truck for moving items; the team becomes your partner for the move. A reputable, experienced company will give you the edge in your move with:

  • Specialized packing materials
  • Necessary moving equipment
  • Expertise handling IT equipment
  • Safe, secure transportation of sensitive documents
  • And more

3. Move During Off-Peak Hours

Schedule your move for the weekend or during off-peak hours on weekdays. It will save you the hassle of being stuck in traffic, fighting for use of the elevator, and competing with everyone trying to get to or leave work for the day.

4. Notify Your Customers, Utility Companies, and Financial Institutions

One of the most time-consuming aspects of a move is informing your customers, bank, utility companies, and vendors that you have a new address. Start the process as early as possible. To save time, prepare templated emails that you can send in batches to everyone who needs to know.

5. Label Your Boxes Clearly

As a commercial moving company in Toronto that has helped businesses like Google and Shoppers Drug Mart, we know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by all the stuff. Papers, servers, stationery, furniture, and so much more can be incredibly hard to find after the move.

Label all of your boxes clearly, so setting up at your new location is that much easier.

6. Set Up Essential Services at the Destination

Help your team hit the ground running by setting up essential services such as internet, phones, and utilities before you arrive. Any delays, such as an appointment with your IT provider not being scheduled for right when you arrive, can get in the way of setting up at your new office.

7. Seek Employee Input

It is likely that the people who know your operations best are your employees. Seek help from within by having your employees prepare a plan for setting up the new office most efficiently. Keeping staff informed will also boost morale and reduce the anxiety associated with the move.

Work with Trusted Office Movers in Toronto

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