Pack it tight, pack it right, and you can save the tears that come with broken china or ballooning moving costs. These seven cost-effective packing tips from our movers and packers in Toronto will help you pack more into every box and help ensure your possessions make the journey in one piece.

7 Cost-Effective Ways to Pack for Your Move

Take it from an eight-time award-winning packing and moving company, packing right is half the battle! However, packing right does not have to be expensive. These seven tips will help you maximize space, minimize the risk of breakage, and keep moving costs in check.

  1. Don’t Empty Out Your Drawers

Why are you taking things like clothing out of drawers and putting them in boxes when they are already in the perfect place? Leave non-fragile items like clothing, stuffed toys, and the like in drawers to save yourself some truck space (and packing materials).

  1. Leave Clothes on Hangers

Following on from drawers, leaving clothes on hangars is a super-easy way to save yourself effort and space. Just put them in a large garbage bag or a specialized hanging box to prevent wrinkling and let your packing and moving company do the rest.

  1. Use Boxes for the Little Things

Oddly, shaped items (you know, the salt and pepper shakers shaped like a London bus on your dining table) have a habit of taking up a lot of room. They also seem to find a way to get lost. Put everything in one box of “Everything Else” to make sure it says together and doesn’t waste space in other boxes.

  1. Use Your Own Luggage

One of the biggest surprises for our movers and packers in Toronto is when people don’t fill up their own luggage for the move. Instead of transporting air in your suitcases, pack them tight and save money on packing boxes.

  1. Get Packing Materials From a Packing and Moving Services Company

Getting packing supplies (boxes, packing tape, label makers, etc.) from the big box store is probably burning a hole in your wallet. Speak to your packing and moving services company; they likely have far more cost-effective packing materials (and probably specialized packaging, too). You may even get some packing materials free of charge from your Toronto movers.

  1. “Nope, that’s not coming…”

Harden your heart and wave goodbye to items that you don’t need. Moves are a great time to evaluate whether you really need to keep that bright red pair of trousers from college (or pretty much anything else). Be objective and recycle, upcycle, or donate anything you can do without. Doing so will save you space in the truck and packing supplies.

  1. Get Packing Services in Toronto for Fast, Cost-Effective Packing

Save yourself the sweat and tears of packing by calling professional packing services in Toronto. Our customers are always surprised at how efficiently our movers and packers in Toronto can pack things.

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