In-Stock: Our convenient newsprint wrapping tissue won’t stain the items and it can be reused or recycled with your old newspapers!

Newsprint papers offer simple and affordable protection for your dishware, glassware, and other fragile items while packing, moving, or going into storage.

Ink-free, clean, and versatile, these multipurpose packing papers can be used for wrapping and protecting delicate objects, interleaving, or preventing items from shifting around in boxes or bins.


Dimensions: 24″ x 36″ (approx.)

Quantity: 400 sheets (approx.)

Benefits of 25lbs Wrapping Paper

This 25lbs wrapping paper pack is ideal for packing many items. The sheets are the preferred size for professional movers. They are pre-cut and neatly stacked together, meaning you don’t need a pair of scissors to separate them.

Newsprint packing paper is one of the most cost-effective packing materials. Unlike packing paper from other companies, we use higher-grade paper that resists tearing.

We also offer 10lbs of newsprint wrapping paper for smaller packing applications.

Packing Tips

  • 25lbs wrapping paper will absorb moisture. You can use it to line packages and boxes in the event they get wet during transport.
  • Crumple newsprint packing paper into small balls and use it to fill spaces and gaps in boxes and cartons. They can prevent unfastened items from shifting around and lessen the risk of damage.
  • Layer several sheets of paper between fragile items, such as plates, to better insulate them from each other. Layering can also protect items from vibrations.
  • Combine wrapping paper with bubble wrap for even more protection to protect any item from becoming scratched or from becoming damaged due to impact.
  • You can write on packing paper with a pen or a marker. So, make sure to label boxes and items for easier unpacking.