37″ x 6 1/2″ x 25″

This combo comes with a Protective foam kit for extra added protection and safe transport.


TV Boxes are a great way to pack your LED and flat screen TV’s. This double walled box protects your tv. This Tv box comes with the “foam kit” to protect the item during transportation. Great for packing LCD, Plasma, or LED TV Up to 37″.

TV moving boxes are the safest, most convenient way to ship TVs. Even if you haven’t thrown away the box your TV came in, it is advisable to invest in a new moving box for it. Original boxes typically use one-time packing materials, which are rendered ineffective once you take the TV out.

This foam protective moving box for TVs comes with a sturdy cardboard box and foam pieces that slide over the corners of your TV. The foam pieces will suspend your TV in the middle of the box and protect it from impact. The box is shipped in a flat-pack state. To use it, simply unfold the panels and start packing.

Our moving box for 37″ TVs is suitable for most makes and models of TV, including Sony, Samsung, TCL, Hisense, Vizio, Panasonic, and LG. You will need to disassemble the TV stand to fit the foam protective moving box for TVs.

The TV box and protective foam are environmentally friendly materials. Both can be reused and recycled. Moreover, cardboard is a biodegradable material.

Packing Tips

  • Loose cords, screws, and TV legs should not be kept in the box. Either store them separately or wrap them in bubble wrap before putting them in the moving box for 37″ TVs. If they are kept unsecure in the box, they may damage the TV.
  • Measure the exact dimensions of your TV before ordering our box and foam kit. Some TVs may have larger bezels or thicker chassis that prevent them from fitting in this box.

Additional information

Dimensions 37 × 30.2 × 25 cm