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Dimensions: 3/16″ x 12″ x 100′

Moreover, after unpacking your valuable goods, don’t throw it away! Bubble wrap is almost always reusable! This makes bubble wrap a more eco-friendly option compared to other kinds of wraps and, potentially, much more cost effective.

Bubble-wrap is among the lightest packing supplies available. Either you’re moving, storing or shipping your goods, the bubble wrap won’t add any significant weight to them!

Bubble wrap surface is water-resistant and scratching resistant. Bubble wrap Canada


This 12″ bubble wrap Canada is perfect for protecting small, fragile items while moving or packing for storage. Conveniently perforated every 12 inches, our protective bubble wrap can be easily separated without the use of scissors. It is the perfect size for providing extra padding and cushioning for smaller objects like figurines, glassware, and dishware.

12 ft bubble wrap is ideal for protecting items during home and office moves, posting, mailing, and long-term storage. Bubble wrap protects items from impact, vibrations, and scratches.

Our wraps use high-quality barrier sealing technology for longer-lasting bubbles, as compared to other products.

Our 12″ bubble wrap comes in tightly packed rolls, meaning it takes up very little storage room. Our bubble wrap is made from thicker gauge plastic and durable cells, meaning it is more likely to be reusable. It is also environmentally friendly, as wraps can be recycled once you are done with them.

Packing Tips

  • Use wraps as protective blankets around fragile items or as stuffing for boxes and crates; the material is flexible, allowing you to stuff it in tight spaces.
  • Avoid packing sharp objects, such as knitting needles, or ones with sharp edges with 12″ bubble wrap, as they can deflate the air cells, reducing the effectiveness of the wrap.
  • Bubble wrap is made of plastic, meaning it can be a choking hazard; keep your 12 ft bubble wrap away from children and pets.
  • For added protection, wrap an item under several layers of wrap to improve cushioning and impact protection.
  • Any loose items inside the wrap can still be damaged during transport; to protect them, please wrap them individually.