How Rent-a-Son Can Help you reopen your Business

Covid-19 has shifted our reality over the past months, asking us to change the way we live and work faster than we could have imagined. And now many of us are beginning to think about the future, what other ways we need to develop to deal with our new reality. Covid-19 has changed our lives, possibly permanently. What sort of changes can we expect in our homes, offices, schools and gathering spaces? 

Each business will have a different approach to reopening, with social distancing becoming the new normal. Office and public spaces will have to reorganize to limit the number of people in one area at the same time. This may mean more of us are working from home and we will find ourselves needing to set up a permanent home office to help keep us focused and offer a semblance of normal office life. Within our old office spaces, work stations will need to be reconfigured to ensure adequate spacing between work areas, or new locations and office space may be required. In public spaces such as malls and retail stores, displays and layouts may be reorganized to guide foot traffic and ensure appropriate social distancing can be met as customers browse and shop. Even our schools will change their practices, perhaps limiting the number of students per classroom, increasing online learning in colleges and university courses, and restructuring the spaces available to increase social distancing on campus. Throughout all these changes we here at Rent-a-Son are ready to help you!

How we can help you!

When re-opening your office our movers can help you realize your new office plans. Whether you have 5 employees or  600 employees, we at Rent-a-Son can take care of it.  If you need to move all of your work stations to increase space between employees and create a new flow, call one of our coordinators to work out a schedule and plan to get it done as soon as possible!  You may find that you need to re-think the amount of furniture, storage, and equipment that you have. We can store your items off site, offer disposal services, or help you move the items to a new facility.

Business Moving

You may find that your facility is simply no longer right for your business with restructuring needed to accommodate space between desks, larger communal spaces, etc.. You may find it’s easier to just start from scratch.  Rent-a-Son can help you move to a new facility- whether you are looking to open a new satellite office to give staff extra space to responsibly social distance, moving your entire facility, or cutting down on the space you’re using because your staff is working remotely.

Read more about how we have prepared to help you move safely during this time please click  here.