Our double wall wardrobe box is the perfect solution to move your clothes from one closet to another! This box is stronger than regular ones, it’s made of high-quality material and it’s 100% Made in Canada! It is provided with a 24” metal hanging bar to easily place your clothes without creasing them. With a height of 48”, you will also be able to hang your long coats. To optimize space, use the bottom for your shoes!

Dimensions: 24”x21”x48”



Need to ship clothes somewhere far? No worries, we got you! Our professional grade wardrobe box is the perfect size double wall cardboard box to hang blazers, pants and winter coats without creasing them! Our Wardrobe Moving Boxes are the perfect solution to neatly pack your shoes too! Strong, sturdy and easy to pack, load and move.

This professional grade wardrobe box is highly recommended for long-distance moves as it’s stronger and more resistant than normal / standard wardrobe moving boxes.