Our 1.5 Cube Box is perfect for small and heavy items like books, photo albums, or office supplies. These small moving boxes are great for storing, shipping, and moving items.

Our premium moving boxes are durable enough to be reused. Cardboard is an eco-friendly material, as it is is biodegradable, unlike plastic. The boxes can also be recycled to minimize impact on the environment.



We use high-quality cardboard that ensures our 1.5 cube moving boxes remain sturdy even when they are full. The thicker walls of these boxes protect contents from damage, as the corrugated construction adds a thin layer of padding.

Boxes are delivered flat-packed, meaning they take up very little space. Once you are done using the box, you can fold it back into a flat shape.

Packing Tips

  • 1.5 cubic feet moving boxes are ideal for heavier items, as they are smaller, meaning you can pack the box densely without it being a strain on your back.
  • You can fill gaps and empty spaces in the box with foam packing peanuts and bubble wrap to prevent items from shifting around during transport.
  • Cardboard boxes are not waterproof, which means exposure to moisture can soak into the box and potentially damage your items. To improve the box’s water resistance, cover it with a plastic sheet and fasten it with tape.
  • Use tape on the bottom of the box to reinforce it and reduce the chances of the bottom giving out.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 cm