Our 1/2 ft. bubble wrap is the ideal packing material if you are looking for maximum protection. You can use it to wrap fragile items, such as electronics, picture frames, mirrors, heirlooms, and glassware. Bubble wrap can protect items from shock, impact, vibration, and mishandling.

Since bubble wrap is a lightweight packing material, it will have a negligible impact on your item’s weight. It is also a cost-effective packing material, meaning you can be generous when using it.

  • 1/2″ heavy-duty bubble gives maximum protection for extreme shipping conditions.
  • Perfect for large frames with glass and art
  • Can be used for shipping vases, pots and your heavier items.


Our 1/2″ bubble wrap roll offers extra cushioning compared to the standard 3/16″ bubble wraps, providing items with additional protection during a move or while in storage.

Perfect for fragile items like glass, mirrors, and artwork.

We use high-quality bubble wraps with thick plastic and durable air cells, which resist air leakage. The extra width of our wrap reduces the effort required to wrap items. Our rolls are perforated, allowing you to tear precisely measured sheets without the need for scissors.

Our 1/2 ft. bubble wrap is environmentally friendly, too, as you can recycle it once you’re done using it. What’s more, depending on its condition, the wrap can be reused.

Packing Tips

  • Bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping fragile items and filling empty spaces in boxes and dunnage.
  • Face the bubble towards the item that needs to be cushioned. This will offer better protection during transport and handling.
  • Bubble wrap is water resistant, meaning it will offer items some protection from moisture.
  • You can reuse bubble wrap if the wrap offers sufficient cushioning, and the air has not leaked from the cells.
  • Avoid using bubble wraps with sharp objects, such as knives and needles, as they will pierce the wrap, potentially damaging other items and themselves.

Additional information

Dimensions 48 × 0.5 × 25 cm