As a Toronto moving company, we come across many people who really have no clue how many boxes they will have when they are done packing for their move.  It really is difficult for an untrained eye to guess how many boxes they will require – especially because people often don’t realize how much stuff they have acquired over the years of living in their homes.  It takes moving coordinators months to learn and understand how many boxes – and more importantly the different types of boxes – that are required for moves. If you are booking movers and not receiving an in-home estimate, it is often critical to the success of the estimate you are receiving to know how many boxes you have.  So, we decided to provide you with some insight into how many boxes you need to purchase for your pack here; How Many Boxes Do I Need for My Move.

Do yourself a favor and purchase actual moving boxes.  We promise you that the cost of having irregul

ar used boxes from the grocery or liquor store will match up with the cost of buying new moving boxes.  Renting boxes from someone like FrogBox is also a great solution to packing all of your non-fragiles.  These plastic boxes are quick and easy to pack, they are environmentally friendly and they don’t require assembly. If you are interested in purchasing cardboard for your move, we do offer a wide variety of moving boxes at competitive prices and we deliver.

More importantly, successful moving is all about anticipation and planning.  And a great plan is only possible when all the facts of your move are present and when you are prepared for your move.  The saying measure twice and cut once perfectly sums up what happens when you aren’t prepared for your move.  We hope our guide will give you a more clear understanding of what you need to prepare for the big day!

Happy Moving!