It’s the New Year and you may want to consider losing a few pounds….. of household possessions that is! The analogy seemed funnier before it landed on this screen but losing weight is really important if you want to keep your moving costs low.  If you are moving locally, shedding some weight will help reduce the cost but this article is mainly targeted at those moving across Canada or planning any other kind of long distance move.

If you are moving from Toronto to anywhere in Canada, cross border or even internationally, you may want to walk through your home and really questions weight is worth keeping around.  Long distance moving quotes will be weight-based so the trimmer you are, the less your move will cost.

Possessions that hold any kind of sentimental value can be skipped over but somethings may actually cost more to ship than to replace! As an honest moving company, we feel it is our duty to keep you well advised which is why we strongly recommend that you make a plan well before your move and decide what you NEED at your new home.  Long distance moving can be costly so eliminating anything bulky that isn’t a necessity can be a good idea. Another suggestion for your moving diet is to ask your moving consultant for two weight based quotes to see what moving all of your items long distance costs in comparison to a modified and refined list.

If you are moving from Toronto across the country to Vancouver or just within our province to Ottawa, let us provide you with a cost and commitment free moving estimate.  Good luck with your long distance moving and to save, stick to your diet!