Plastic moving boxes have really become the latest craze in moving.  Using plastic instead of cardboard makes a lot of sense in many ways.  Here are just a few reasons to support renting boxes;

  • More Environmentally Friendly Than Cardboard Boxes – while plastic isn’t really green, plastic moving boxes can be reused over and over which reduces their carbon footprint.
  • They Stack Well – This makes packing and keeping your pre-move preparations easier but it also helps movers to load the truck quicker.  One of the greatest time drains in a move is making good use of space which can sometimes mean a drawn out game of box tetris
  • Better Security – Access to your boxes contents is really easy.  A cable tie can secure your items in your plastic boxes.
  • More Sturdy – Plastic is obviously a much more durable and sturdy material than cardboard.

We wouldn’t write a boring article about plastic moving boxes on our blog and their wonderful benefits which is why the purpose of this posting is to discuss what NOT to put in them.

Pretty much everything can go in your boxes except for your fragile and breakable items.  There is a technique used in packing whereby you create sections of padding to act as cushion for your fragile items.  Technically the bottom third of any fragile box should contain crushed newsprint or bumpers (basically a submarine sandwhich made strictly with newsprint).  If you were to fill a third of your plastic box with newsprint and then the sides and top you wouldn’t be left with much room for packing.

The hands down best option for your fragile items is a double lined box or the trusty china or dish barrel!  Don’t compromise here.  You won’t regret it.

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