I know that this post might seem a little strange as movers always tell you to pack all of your items in boxes prior to move day (unless you are having a packing service completely by your moving company) but there are some items that we recommend that you NEVER pack and send with the movers.  Here are some examples:

  1. Dangerous Items:  This category includes explosives, flammable liquids and solids, compressed gases, poisons, corrosives, oxidizers and radioactive materials.  Some common examples of these items are nail polish remover, paint and paint thinners, lighter fluid, gasoline, propane cylinders and matches.
  2. Perishable Items: This category includes animals, food and live plants.  Especially during the hot summer months, perishable food can easily spoil if not in a cooler and stored at the proper temperature.  Live plants are also very sensitive to temperature changes and stress and can die during a move.
  3. Valuable Items:  This category includes things like passports, birth certificates, financial statements, medical records, credit cards, cash and jewelry.  It is always recommended to take this items with you on move day.

When in doubt, always call your moving company to discuss any packing concerns prior to move day.  They should be able to easily guide you in the right direction and make your packing just a little easier.  Happy packing!