Are you planning a national or cross-continental move?  We have good news for you!  You have options.  Yes it is true.  Today’s moving and transportation industry is more dynamic and flexible than ever.  As a result, hiring a professional moving company to see your move through from start to finish is not your only option.  While a professional moving company can be a great resource for any short or long distance move, having other options can help potentially reduce the overal cost.  As you may have already suspected, reducing the price often means more work for you.  But if you have the time to invest, these long distance moving alternatives can help you reduce your budget for your upcoming long distance move.

1.  Sea Containers/Portable Storage Companies | Almost every major city has businesses that provide portable storage.  ABF’s Relocube, some Van Lines, PODS and other local companies can ship (road, rail or sea) these containers anywhere.  Any moving company shipping your goods overseas will pack your items into a container of some sort at some point so this is not any novel or creative advice.  It just may save you money to call direct if using a shipping container is the best option for you.  Hire a moving company like Rent-a-Son to load/unload your container or do it yourself.

2.  ABF U-Pack/LTL – If you have a small shipment your best bet is to go to or contact a company like ABF U-Pack.  They provide LTL(less-than-trailer load) services which essentially means your goods end up being packed into a large trailer with other peoples goods.  This helps to reduce the overall shipping costs which you benefit from!

3. Truck Rental – These is the most obvious option but still has to be mentioned.  Hiring moving labour to load and unload your truck rental is more available than ever.  Just use sites like Angie’s List, Kijiji, or other review based sites to find the best local moving helpers.

Rent-a-Son does offer moves throughout the province of Ontario.  If you are looking to move to Ottawa or any other town or city in Ontario, call us today for a free estimate!

Happy Moving!