There is a great documentary about the ’88 Olympics.  It talks about the drug use leading up to the ’88 Olympics and the culture surrounding the track and field in those days.  It seemed that once one of the runners started taking performance enhancing drugs, the others felt they had to as well in order to level the playing field.  Ben Johnson was one of the runners who wanted to have an edge like the others so he eventually climbed on board and joined the group along with many others.

In the moving industry, there are always companies that advertise and even quote lower rates.  Sometimes so low, that other moving companies start to question how they can even operate more than several months.  Moving companies who pay competitive wages, have up-to-date equipment and have proper infrastructure simply can’t compete with some of these Toronto movers.  The only apparent difference between moving companies that quote really low and moving companies that don’t is that they are ok with their customers getting a much higher final bill.  These companies have to find some ways to make up the difference to stay afloat.

This is often frustrating for reputable moving companies because they are acting honestly but losing business to movers whose only priority is to book the moving job!  If you are shopping for movers, always get 1-2 quotes from reliable and trustworthy moving companies and then ask yourself, how the cheaper options are able to provide lower rates and lower time estimates to complete your move.  While the temptation will always exist for moving companies like ours to join other Toronto movers practices, it would go against our most important mandate: integrity.

Choosing a mover can be difficult so ask around for referrals, research your moving company well and invest in quality movers.  Sometimes saving $200 up front can end up costing you $500 in the end!

Good luck with your move and happy moving!