While we offer our own storage for our moving clients and recommend other portable storage companies when we aren’t the right fit, most movers have a third option – Self storage facilities.  When you have to leave your possessions in storage, you absolutely want the peace of mind that they’re in good hands. The following 10 points will help you recognize a great storage facility.

1. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere with a truck of boxes and being “assisted” by rude, uninformed and generally unhelpful people. A great storage facility has staff who are knowledgeable, polite and helpful, and who’ll go out of their way to solve any storage-related problems.

2. The facility offers a clear rental agreement. You want to be able to read your rental agreement in full—even the fine print. A great storage facility will provide a clearly printed, fully legible contract. In some cases, they even offer a copy of the terms and conditions on their website.

3. The facility and units are clean. An abandoned, filthy and rundown facility is a definite “no.” A great facility is clean and well-maintained, and has good occupancy.

4. There are quality loading docks. A great storage company provides quality loading docks that are geared to both cars and trucks. You should be able to pull up and unload and load without any problems at all.

5. The parking facilities are great. There should be plenty of parking on-site and within easy access of the storage units.

6. The facility is secure. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when renting a storage facility. Make sure there’s a good surveillance system that not only covers the exterior of the facility, but also the interior and hallways. A great storage facility offers live security guards as well, and of course, all fire precautions should be observed, so look for fire alarms and sprinklers.

7. The facility and storage units are well-lit. You should be comfortable going to this storage company at any time of the day and night. Consider whether the lighting offers clear visibility.

8. The units are dry. The units shouldn’t be smelly or musty, and shouldn’t have leaks or standing water. A great storage facility makes sure all storage units are dry and well-ventilated.

9. There are good, sturdy doors on the units. Check for solid, secure doors that have superior latches you can hang a sturdy padlock on.

10. There are convenient hours of operation. If the facility isn’t open when you need your stuff, it’s not self-storage. Make sure that the place offers reasonable hours of operation that you can work with.

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