Moving during the winter months can save you quite a bit on costs but there is always the risk that snow and wintry conditions can lead to delays on move day.  Here are a few simple tips for moving during this time of year.

  1. Make sure that your driveway and all walkways are shovelled and clear of snow and debris.  If this is not done, there will be guaranteed delays while the movers either shovel it for you or wait for you to complete this while you are on the clock and paying for their time.  Obstacles and snow can cause a very hazardous work environment for your moving crew and is a sure fire way for you to pay more for the service. Always practice safe shoveling – Look for a shovel with a bent shape that extends toward the ground so you don’t have to bend your back as much. Try to use your knees as leverage and keep your back as straight as possible.
  2. Salt all walkways and driveways at least 30 minutes prior or even longer if the ice is thick.  It is also important to note that on very cold days, opt for the Magnesium Chloride ice melter as opposed to the traditional salt as this only works for temperatures above -8 celcius.  Salt frequently enough to be sure that everything is safe for your movers’ scheduled arrival time.
  3. Movers are unable to remove their boots during a move as this represents a safety issue.  Ensure that they lay down floor runners to protect your flooring at both pickup and delivery and limit the mess on snowy days.