So you have packed up all of the your belongings already, taken the time and care to ensure that the china will avoid breakage, your clothing is neat and folded in boxes and all of your treasured keepsakes are secure. Now comes what can be the most stressful part of packing – the electronics with all their cords and accessories. When planning out your packing, you may not initially realize how difficult this task may be but here are a few tips to help make this process a little easier.

  1. If you have recently purchased some electronics and know that you are planning to move in the near future, it is a good idea to save all of the original packaging, not just the box. Even though moving companies have suitable ways to protect your items, there is no better option than the original packaging that the manufacturer sold it in. I do realize that this may not always be an option for everyone based on the amount of storage space you have so you can always talk to your moving company about their preferred methods of packaging for these types of items.
  2. Try to keep a detailed inventory of all wires and remotes for each electronic. Try a simple colour coded system with tape or segregating each set of cords and remote in a separate tupperware container to ensure that you know which cords go with which electronics to avoid the dreaded tangled pile that you could encounter on move day.
  3. Consult your owner’s manual to see if the manufacturer has provided any moving or packing instructions. Some tvs require handling in a very specific manner to avoid damage which can vary by make and model. Be sure to let your mover know of any special instructions prior to move day.
  4. One of the best tips for reconnection of any electronics is to snap a quick photo prior to disconnection. This way, you can simply refer to the photo to make reconnection as easy as possible.

Happy Packing!