We have to apologize for the string of serious blog postings on our moving blog lately.  We do our best to keep it light but there are some serious issues facing moving in Canada and we do our best to touch on them once in a while.  As a professional moving company in Toronto, we hold ourselves to high standards.  This ends up benefiting our customers because hiring a mover is similar to selecting an auto body shop.  Unless you understand the work being done, you are kind of making a decision blind folded.  Moving may seem simple from the outside but its not.  It is actually very complicated.  Moving 12,000 lbs. of furniture within a budgeted amount of time without damage is quite the juggling act.

The point is that most customers take a leap of faith when they hire a moving company….much like when you select an auto body shop.  You rely on word of mouth, intuition and value.  Sometimes, customers are very influenced by pricing.  This should not be the case!  We aren’t saying don’t use the $60/hr moving company, use our movers.  We are saying don’t use that company and instead choose a reputable and qualified mover.

How does one know if a movers is qualified?  That is a great question and the premise of this article.  One way to easily regulate who is a “certified” mover and who isn’t is through government regulation.  In our eyes, moving companies in Canada should have to be licensed or regulated.  Whether a company is a local mover in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal or a long distance mover shipping household goods across Canada, they should be regulated by the Canadian Government.

Having to pass a series of tests and meet very specific requirements would weed out 60% of the bad apples in the industry.  This would significantly decrease the amount of fraudulent moving companies who give our important industry a bad name.  Organizations like CAM (Canadian Association of Movers) and van lines like ours (northAmerican Van Lines) are working hard to improve the governments role in the moving industry.  We hope one day that all movers in Canada will be held to some universal code of conduct.

Happy Moving!