You’ll have to excuse us for the name of this blog posting.  Trimester added that “family” touch to this blog posting about office moving. This may seem redundant but the initial strategy for every office move is establish a plan for the different phases of that move.

The typical way we recommend conducting a business relocation is a phased move. Many people might misunderstand that to mean a slow move, but that really couldn’t be further from the truth. What a phased move does is create a situation where your office is moved in the proper order, which actually allows the move to be conducted much more efficiently.

Generally speaking, every office move has three main phases: preparation before the move, the actual office moving process, and then setting up the new office location. The most important of these phases, which ensures that everything after it can happen without a hitch, is the pre-move preparation. This is when all small items are boxed up, all furniture that needs to be is disassembled, and all electronics are unplugged and stored.

If any of you have ever had to help a friend move who simply hasn’t prepared any boxes, cleaned out his refrigerator, or even washed his dishes, you know how important this part is. It can mean the difference between a four hour move and an all-day affair.

If you are working within a budget for your office move give your movers the opportunity to move your office efficiently by having every last item boxed and in a state where it can be moved without additional work.

Happy Moving!