If there ever was a “Superbowl” of moving, it would be the last weekend in June. Lots of speculation and assumptions are made every year about the total number of moves in Toronto on the final weekend.  Although there is a band over the years of guesstimates, 30,000 seems to be a popular number of moves that take place in Toronto on June 30th.  30,000!

Knowing this is more than half of the battle.  There are a finite number of moving companies in Toronto and you should secure your mover as soon as possible to avoid getting stuck with movers that could make your move a nightmare.

Your first plan of action should be to contact a moving company and make a reservation.  Your next steps should be securing any time related bookings that you need to make for your move:

  • Elevators
  • Service Technicians
  • Cable, Phone and Internet
  • Alarm company
  • Trash removal companies

The end of June is a popular time for movers for many reasons.  Factors range from temperature, to the end of the school year to the long weekend.  One thing for certain is that historically, the demand never changes.

You still have time to get your move in order.  Pick up the phone and call a Toronto moving service now so that you don’t get stuck renting a truck and bribing your friends!

Happy Moving!