Self-service moving is not as popular in Canada as it is in the US because people don’t move as often inter-provincially. Long distance moving is quite expensive which is why the self-service moving industry was created.

What is Self-Service Moving?

We define it as the homeowner playing some kind of active roll throughout the actual move. Whether it be driving a rental truck or loading a storage container, if you are a major part of the move, you are a self-service mover. Rent-a-Son has been active in the self service moving industry for 8 years starting with working with all of the major portable storage companies as a recommended mover. We also have loaded and unloaded thousands of trucks and trailers for outbound, inbound and local shipments. There are essentially 3 options when it comes to self-service moving;

1. Portable Storage – These storage containers essentially get delivered to your home for on or off-site storage and sometimes even mid to long distance shipping. The idea originated from shipping containers and has blossomed into a great option for people who require moving and storage. Portable storage companies give you the option to either load the container yourself or hire a professional mover to load it for you.

2. Truck Rentals – This age old moving method is obvious with many recognizable companies offering a variety of truck sizes for your move.

3. LTL Trailer Shipping – This less known option, provided by ABF U Pack directly or online at is really great for any long distance move and is probably the most economical option for long distance moving.

What is Full-Service Moving?

Full service moving is a variation of or the opposite of self-service moving. This is when someone would hire a professional moving company to move their household goods and may even contract the mover to provide complete packing services and storage. It is by far the most convenient type of move but definitely requires more research and sometimes risk. It is important to hire the right moving company for your move(we have a blog posting on this here)

The Keys to Self-Service Moving

The key to a successful self-service move is to move like a pro! This means having the right equipment ready on the day of the move and having enough manpower to get everything loaded safely. Make sure to strap everything off and to blanket wrap everything. For fragile items like glass, televisions, lamps and artwork, make sure to invest in the proper moving supplies. The small investment is sure to pay off.

Happy Moving!