There is a question that anyone who has to move will ultimately ask: should I move by myself or should I hire professional movers in Toronto? Your first thought might be that it is easier to move by yourself. You think you will save money, and it is not as difficult as it looks.

However, there is a reason for moving companies in Toronto. They are effective at what they do, and they can handle everything: packing, lifting heavy furniture, driving, etc.

At Rent-a-Son, we believe in being honest with our customers. Let’s break down the pros and cons of moving by yourself vs. hiring professional movers.

Toronto Movers vs. Moving by Yourself: Which Is Better?

With the need for a move on the horizon, you have probably searched online for “local movers near me” because you are toying with the idea of hiring a moving company in Toronto.

But what is there to gain?

●        Money

The one (and only) reason you would choose to move yourself rather than hire movers is to save money. However, are you really saving money by moving on your own?

It is rare that someone can reasonably handle a move all on their own. You will likely have to ask friends or family for help, rent a truck, pack and unpack, etc. Asking friends for help is unreliable and can leave you panicked and struggling to get the job done. Then, you will likely have to hire movers last minute and you will often pay more.

Most people don’t love spending their free time helping you move, no matter how good of a friend they are. Beer and pizza only go so far as compensation for a seriously hard day’s work.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company in Toronto?

How else can you benefit from hiring professionals to handle your move?

●        Insurance

Working with professionals will leave you with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and insured if anything goes wrong. If one of your friends or family, or even yourself, broke something in the move, who is going to pay for it?

●        Safety

Moving is hard work and requires strength, and repeated lifting. Hiring Toronto movers who are trained for the job is much easier for everyone. There is no chance of you injuring yourself. And if you did injure yourself, that would affect your work and family life.

Rent-a-Son: The Reliable Solution When You Need to Move

It would be misleading to say that things will go wrong if you move by yourself. Things may go fine, and then again, they may not. It is no easy chore. In fact, the pain of dealing with the stress of moving and your sore body afterward is unavoidable.

Rent-a-Son is here to relieve that pain. You can call us at (416) 913-9021 or message us online. We are the Toronto movers that you can count on.