We really have had a tough winter. I think everyone is ready for some warmth and for the snow and ice to melt away. Unfortunately, moves have to take place snow or shine. Moving is usually planned a rigid and planned schedule and can’t be rescheduled the morning of regardless of the weather.

So, we thought it would be a great idea to cover all of the ways you can make your winter move less stressful.  Here are a few tips to help you and your movers:

Clear your common pathways

Get your shovels and salt out the day before and make sure all common pathways are cleared and salted.  Snow or ice will delay your move and pose a serious risk to your movers physical well being.  Think about all the different routes your movers will want to take to access your home.  Moving companies will often utilize many of the access points of your home for efficiency and safe access.

Protect your floors

Any reliable mover that you hire should bring floor runners to your home on the day of the move. This will help to protect your floors from the salt and wet boots trailing throughout your home. But it is great to have extra protection.  Runners get soiled and dirty on moves every day and it isn’t always easy to swap all of them out for fresh and dry runners.  When you have back to back to back days of snow storms, you can run through a lot of floor runners.  Have some spare cardboard to lay on the ground and other items to protect your flooring. If you are really particular, have your Toronto moving company send an extra person with a second pair of shoes to just stay inside the home at both locations.  This person can help with just the boxes or with assembly and setup work.

Hire Professional Movers

Winter probably isn’t the best time to DIY your move.  Self service moves have their times and places but you probably won’t regret leaving your winter move to the professionals and making that extra investment.  Bribing friends to help with your moving process in nice weather is tough enough as it is.  We hear about friends suddenly getting “sick” the day before the move when customers call in to arrange for last minute moving.  Plan well ahead and hire a reputable Toronto mover.

Keep your movers happy

Moving is tough on a good day.  Adding inclement weather or additional elements to a move can make it even more difficult. We always appreciate it when our customers take care of our “sons” so have some coffee or hot chocolate for the crew to keep them warm and on their toes.

Happy Moving this winter!