As a mover, it always feels every year that just like the Grease song goes, Summer Moving, Happened So Fast.  Moving companies go so crazy in peak season that the summer flies by and while summer moving also “had me a blast”, it can also have some really tough days too!  We feel as a Toronto mover that each year we need to learn just as much from our failures as from our successes.

Even though there are hundreds – if not thousands – of tips on moving and how to prepare for a move, some people just don’t get it completely right.  We understand how difficult preparing for a move and moving itself is, so we work as hard as we can to address any issues as they come up through our moves but it’s hard not to think how much money some homeowners could save by doing things right.

We often find ourselves unusually busy leading up to a move so there never really is a great time to sit down and “study” what goes into planning a successful move.  Being organized and ready to move is often the best prescription for a predictable and budget friendly moving experience.  This may be boring advice but here are the top 3 most important things you can do:

  1. Hire a good mover.  Have you ever decided that you would go a cheaper route to save money only finding yourself spending more time and/or money on that very option?  This will be the case nine times out of 10 in moving.  There are no shortcuts to a proper move.
  2. Get help.  If you can’t do your packing on your own get someone to help you – whether it be a professional or some friends.  Packing takes weeks…a move takes a day.  Don’t underestimate how much time it takes to pack your belongings and how well you need to pack them.  Remember, any reputable mover will not provide coverage for OPB (owner packed boxes).
  3. Have contingency plans.  Even a well planned moved can go sideways.  Have a back up plan.  Expect delays getting your keys or a double booked elevator.  Having an alternative plan can save you on downtime and more importantly added stress!

I know these are simple and obvious moving tips but they are paramount and fundamental to a successful move.  We move a lot of people every year and I think we maintain a high success rate on our moves because we love details!

If you have any questions about your move, call our moving coordinators and they will be happy to provide some free advice!

Happy Moving!