Preparing to Move? Embrace Spring Cleaning Madness!

Don’t put away that snow shovel just yet! You never know when Toronto will be hit with one last snow storm, which makes it feel like spring is a far way off. But it has already arrived – over two weeks ago! The Spring Equinox, the first day of spring, was on March 20 th . Though it may seem like the city can’t quite escape the cold, snowy clutches of winter, it’s only a matter of time before the snow melts, the ice thaws, and the tulips start to bloom. Once we get rid of winter – for good – join in the millions of others across the city who will open their windows wide and breathe in the fresh breeze of spring. Let the warm and sunny view (finally devoid of snow) motivate you to tackle a very important chore before your summertime move – spring cleaning.

Depending on the size of your home, spring cleaning can be a huge undertaking, but when you have plans on moving house in the upcoming months, it can be a rewarding one! Moving through your home with the aim to dust, scrub, and organize is a great way to de-clutter your living spaces. The benefits are 4 fold.

1. You can pare off any unnecessary items, whether through donation or sale. Potentially you could earn a few bucks if you find any interested buyers.

2. By letting go of some of your belongings, you have less stuff to lug to your new home. As the boxes start adding up, this can be a blessing.

3. For the remaining months your live there, your house will be clean and comfortable.

4. If you clear out enough stuff, your springtime deep clean could help you stage your home to sell.

Armed with an arsenal of cleaning supplies, don’t forget the most important part of spring cleaning as you scrub the floors and clean the linens. Purging with the aim to de-clutter and reorganize is your number one priority. As you move from room to room, evaluate your belongings. Watch out for any broken, unused, or duplicate items and be prepared to say goodbye. How you and your belongings will go your separate ways will depend on the item. It’s a good rule of thumb to divide your unwanted things into 3 categories or piles – sell, donate, and throw away.

We admit, it can be tempting to simply throw away everything on the next garbage day, but we don’t advise it. It’s incredibly wasteful when your belongings are in good repair. There’s a burgeoning 2 nd hand market online for you to sell those items in good working condition. You can easily find people willing to buy your used goods on websites like Kijiji, Craigslist, or a local community page. Despite Goodwill having closed its doors earlier this year, there are still plenty of charities within the city that will accept your donation of clothes, furniture, housewares, and other items should you feel philanthropic during your deep clean. A quick Google search will produce places like Pegasus, Canadian Diabetes Association, and the Yonge Street Mission Double Take as viable alternatives. Only bin the remaining items that you can’t in good conscious sell or donate. Once you’ve gotten rid of the riff-raff, you’ll be left with a lot of extra space to work with. Take advantage of this newfound room to rearrange furniture and reorganize your stuff. If you haven’t yet sold your house, neat and uncluttered livings spaces will look better to potential buyers. It’s also a great time to start packing up your lesser used items in preparation of the big move. Stockpile these boxes in your basement or in your garage, or if you have limited space as it is, you can always use our convenient storage facility to keep your household goods until you’re ready to move. With over 25,000 square feet of secure and climate controlled storage, it’s the largest facility of its kind in Toronto. We can easily accommodate your belongings for however long you need them stored, and you have our guarantee that your stuff will be safe for the entire duration, as we’ve equipped our facilities with the best alarms, video surveillance, and temperature controls. Whenever you’re ready to move, our expert movers (the best movers Toronto has to offer!) will help you transfer your items from storage to your new place – in addition to all of your remaining belongings from your old home. Give us a call to get a free estimate for our moving and storage services. Until then, don your yellow gloves and give your home a proper clean through. You’ll definitely thank yourself in the future!