Whether you are moving across Toronto, cross-border moving, or moving overseas; make sure to spend a bit of extra time reviewing your closets before your moving company arrives! Below are a few packing and organizing tips.


We all have our own systems for keeping our clothing organized (more or less…).  Some clothing such as sweatshirts and pajamas may not require all that much extra care or attention while your expensive and delicate items are treated very differently.  Our first suggestion is to make sure you separate those extra care items in a separate pile to make sure your favorite dress or suit doesn’t end up mixed in by accident.  You may also want to organize your clothing by the frequency that you wear them or the season so you can know what boxes to prioritize when unpacking.

Saying Goodbye:

Make sure as you go through your wardrobe that you keep an eye out for that piece that you can’t remember the last time you wore.  Maybe it’s time to clear out with a yard sale or trip to a local charity or donation bin.

Packing your best:

When packing your dress items, it is best to pack them in a vacuum bag or other protective wrap.  If you are concerned about folding or wrinkling, speak to your moving company about whether they provide wardrobe boxes so you can keep your clothing on the hangars during the move.  You can also look for extra large plastic bins to help move these items.