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65 Boxes, 2 Wardrobe boxes and more!

  • 15 x 1.5 Cube Boxes
  • 30 x 2 Cube Boxes
  • 10 x 3 Cube Boxes
  • 5  x 4 Cube Boxes
  • 5 x 5 Cube Boxes
  • 2 x Space Saver Wardrobe Boxes
  • 1 x 25lb Newsprint
  • 1 x Bubble Wrap 12″
  • 4 x Rolls of Tape
  • 2 x Permanent Markers
  • Complimentary “Fragile” Stickers
  • Complimentary “This Side Up” Stickers


This 2 Bedroom House Moving Kit is an easy, convenient way to select the right boxes you need for your move. Packaged with other necessary items such as tape, newspaper, bubble wrap and markers, this kit have has the essentials to make your packing job a breeze.

Benefits of Our 2 Bedroom Moving Box Kit

Our 2-bedroom house moving kit is designed for busy professionals and students. It includes all the items you need for well-organized packing and moving. Instead of spending hours browsing for individual packing supplies, you will have everything delivered right to your doorstep.

The 1-2 bed house moving kit is delivered to you in a flat-pack state, meaning it does not take up much room. Simply unwrap the kit and unfold the boxes to get started with your move.

We use thicker-gauge cardboard for our moving boxes. That means they offer better protection and retain their shape even when your box is full. It also allows our boxes to be stacked on top of each other.

Most of the items in our 2-bedroom moving kit are reusable and recyclable. We use environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard and paper, which are biodegradable. Bubble wrap is made from plastic, which is recyclable.

Packing Tips

  • Don’t forget to label boxes using permanent markers.
  • Wrap fragile items such as electronics, lightbulbs, and heirlooms in bubble wrap to protect items from scratches, vibrations, and impacts.
  • Use newsprint to line items such as dishes and mirrors; it is ideal for protecting items from scuffs and scratches, though it does not offer impact protection.
  • Stuff empty spaces in moving boxes with bubble wrap and packing paper to prevent loose items from shifting during the move.