Moving with Fido

Does your heart rate start to climb when you think about your impending move? You aren’t the only putting your adrenal glands to the test during the big day. Our feathered and furry friends experience similar levels of anxiety when it comes to moving. Without understanding the ‘why’s behind the move, change can be a difficult thing for your pet. The combination of unexpected activity and an entirely new environment can cause emotional discomfort — which is why it’s so important to support your pets and consider their well-being before, during, and after the big day.

We’re in the business of making any move as stress-free as possible. We focus on creating a smooth, hassle-free experience for our customers at every step of the way. From our initial consultation and packing services to transporting your belongings and unloading them in your new home, we’ve got things covered. We’ve even gathered a few useful tips for moving with pets. As treasured members of your family, we want to make sure your dog or cat has a calm moving day experience, so be sure to keep reading our guide on how to keep both your pets and yourself as calm as possible.

Before the Move
Most pets have a routine that they follow day in, day out. Part of the reason why a move upsets them so much is because of how moving disrupts their routine. You’ll want to start acclimatizing them to certain aspects of the move well in advance of the big day. Many dogs and cats have only ever been placed in a carrier or driven in a car while on their way to and from the vet, which is probably their least favourite place in the world. They’ll have negative associations with these items if they always precede a harrowing medical check-up. On the big day, their stress levels will skyrocket as soon as they’re locked into their carriers and placed in the back seat.

Or, you could take the time to reinforce positive associations with these items. Start by leaving out their crate in common areas, so they start connecting it with familial spaces instead of vet interactions. Try to bring them out to the car and along for car rides, too. For cats, remember to ply them with treats so they know this space is safe. For dogs, drive them to the park so they can associate car rides with fun explorations. If you have the opportunity, you may even want to bring Fido along to the new house, so they can get to sniff around the new neighbourhood.

During the Move

As much as we love our fuzzy companions, they can get underfoot during a move – which is why it’s important that you organize a way to keep them occupied on the big day. Some pet owners will book their pets into a day care, kennel, or cattery during this time. Forgoing that, you can always leave them with a trusted friend or family member while our movers pack up your things. If either of these scenarios is impossible, don’t panic. Place their food, bed, and favourite toys into a small, out of the way room where the sound of our movers won’t upset them. If possible, feed them and take them out for walks according to their regular routines while we do the heavy lifting.

You’ll also want to prepare an overnight bag for your pet. This will include any essential food, treats, grooming tools, and kitty litter that you’ll need as soon as you get to your new house. Make sure to pack these things in an easy-to-access bag or box that you keep separate from the rest of your belongings. We suggest you keep it in your own car, rather than our moving vans. That way you’ll be able to get to any of these items as soon as you arrive, instead of waiting for our movers to unpack this particular bag or box.

You can’t explain to your pets why you’re upheaving your life to an entirely new location. Until we manage to figure out how to speak the same language, our behaviours and actions are the only way to communicate with our beloved companions, so make sure yours count and follow this guide. Though simple, these small actions can have a huge impact on your pets’ experience of such a stressful life event. And don’t forget to give us a call. By having a professional moving service help you on the big day, you can free up your time in order to spend more of it with Fido.