The hardest part about moving is packing. If you have moved before, you already know that. You spend weeks and weeks gathering the contents of your home all to have them moved in 6-8 hours. I am not here to tell you how to reduce your packing to one WONDERFUL day. I am here to explain how to pack your fragile items well because after all, most homeowners haven’t the slightest clue.

Step 1 | Get good boxes – So many people go to the grocery store or the liquor store for used boxes. Avoid doing this! This will result in longer load times and increase the possibility your items will get damaged.

Step 2 | Get some kind of cushion – While you are at your local moving supply store, pick up some bubble wrap, foam roll and newsprint. You can save by using recycled newspapers but that will add some extra cleaning at your new home.

Step 3 | Use that cushion wisely – The pro’s general rule of thumb is to add whatever protective layer of packing that you purchased to the bottom 1/3rd of your box. What I love to use are bumpers; take two sheets of newsprint and wad it up, place it in the middle of two sheets laid out flat, and make a submarine sandwich. Now line these up on the bottom of your boxes and all around to fill in any empty space.

Step 4 | Stack Vertically – Stack all of your fragile items vertically. Never lay horizontally.

Step 5 | Tape and Label – You’re almost there. Just apply 3 overlapping strips of tape on bottom and top seams and mark your box accordingly.

There aren’t many shortcuts to packing. Any shortcuts you add will most likely add time to your move. Plan well and start early – hold garage sales and purge as much as you can.

Happy Moving!