Whether you are getting ready for a long distance move across Canada or a local household move to the other side of Toronto, packing is usually the one thing that is always done the same way.  If you are moving long distance, you may want to hire professional packers because of the really long road ahead of you.  Professional packers also really know how to wrap and protect all of your fragile items.  If you are looking to cut costs on your move, then don’t hire a moving company to pack up ALL of your belongings.

You can use common sense to pack up 80% of your stuff.  That number is more of a guess than a science but you don’t know how to be told how to pack books.  The general rule of thumb for non breakables is to pack the heavier items in smaller boxes and the lighter bulkier items in bigger boxes.  Don’t forget to label all your boxes and don’t be shy…write as much as you can.  You’ll thank yourself when your moving company is done unloading.  Other moving tips are to invest in new boxes.  Liquor store boxes will not save you money.  They can actually cost you more money sometimes.

There are so many different household items one could pack so it would take days to document how to handle each and every household good.  If you are moving and want to professionally pack your items, just go to youtube.com.  You will be amazed at the amount of video’s you can find on professional packing techniques.

Remember newsprint, bubble and foam are your fragile items best friend!  Use lots of it and apply the same principles to all of your fragile items.  Line the outer sides of all boxes with plenty of wadded newsprint and make sure your fragile items are nice and secure in the box.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful.  You just have to give yourself enough time to prepare and pack and you need to hire the right movers!  There are a lot of cheap Toronto movers but cheap isn’t always the best…and sometimes saving $10 can cost you $20!

There is a saying; the harder you work the luckier you get.   That saying is especially true for moving.  Spend time preparing and be organized for your movers.  Happy Moving.