Here at Rent a Son movers in Toronto and the GTA, we have put in the time and effort to create a truly unique service that will take the pressure off during an otherwise stressful move and probably surprise you with how much more enjoyable it makes moving. If you are a bachelor, then moving your possessions from one apartment to another can be a huge undertaking. Even if all your friends pitch in, there is the danger that they will either break something you own, or damage the propertyyou are moving out of or into. The last thing you want on a move day is to get into a fight with your best friend and end up worrying over broken items or damaged property.

Our expert movers here at Rent-a-Son go above and beyond transferring your belongings safely into your new property. Our crew is composed of carefully vetted, back-checked individuals who have undergone our proprietary training program, often working in our mentorship program with seasoned, senior movers. The result is a team that works together like a family and brings a positive vibe to your moving day.

Moving individuals from one private residence to another in Toronto is our company’s core service – we offer long distance moving in Canada as well – and we take it very seriously. Again, if you are a bachelor undertaking a move, it’s going to make your day so much better to have friendly Rent-a-Son Movers overseeing the transfer of your furniture and belongings. Just having someone there for you goes a long way, and our workers keep up a great attitude with unparalleled friendliness and ease.

If you’re concerned about the cost of moving (presumably you may be paying the deposit on your new apartment), fret not. Our competitive pricing also included an apples-to-apples price guarantee, ensuring that if you find another moving company with a comparable rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website, we will match that price, no questions asked.

If you are moving an entire family, you may think that putting everyone to work carrying things makes a lot of sense and that driving your own rental will be the best decision, but this is so often not the case. First of all, moving can put a lot of  strain on the social dynamic  of a family. On moving days, tempers tend to flare up, and if people are carrying heavy furniture in pairs, there’s a lot of room for disaster and subsequent tossing around of blame. If you’re moving your family, there is probably already enough stress going around the home, bringing in outside help can lighten the mood and ease the tension.

Additionally, we’ve built up our services over the years to cater to your specific needs: if you just want the bare bones, “pick up your stuff and move it” service, we can certainly do that. If you want us to pack and label everything, load it, drive it and unload it, we can do that too. Our carefully trained workers take direction extremely well and are at your disposal.

If you’re looking for office movers in Toronto and the GTA, we do that as well, and if you need a place to store your goods while you get settled (or indefinitely), we have a state-of-the-art temperature controlled storage space where you can rest assured your belongings are safely waiting for you. Save yourself unneeded stress; if you’re moving, call Rent-a-Son!