Top Tips for a Smooth Office Move

Having to relocate your office can signal the start of an exciting new chapter in your business’ story. But before the adventure can start, your company endures a very stressful time. The physical act of moving is a challenging one, and it can put undue pressure on both you and your employees. As the top Toronto office movers, we know a thing or two about streamlining a commercial move from office building to office building, so we’ve compiled a quick list of tips that can help you through your move.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan
The key to any successful move – commercial or residential – is strategy. It doesn’t have to include an elaborate itemization of everything the company owns. It need only be a simple outline of your expected timeline and the tasks you need to do in order to make it.

2. Listen to your moving consultant
Our professional office moving consultants and planners are your secret weapon when it comes to moving. Unlike your plan (which can be a basic draft of your objectives) our consultants get into the nitty gritty and arrive at a comprehensive strategy for the big day. But listening is a two-way street. Firm believers of clear and easy communication, our consultants will make sure to pay close attention to your needs, so they can make sure your business gets where it needs to go. They’re more than willing to coordinate with additional third-party security or tech companies you need in order to make the transition, and they’ll always keep you well-informed of their plans as they develop.

3. Prep your new space
In some cases, you can be switching from one downtown office to another, with no real worry about the services and amenities waiting for you at the new location. That might not always be the case, which is why we recommend evaluating the new property carefully well in advance of your move. With enough time, you can address any power or networking problems that may exist in the new office and hire the appropriate contractors to fix them.

4. Arrange for continuity
Not many companies have the luxury of shutting down operations completely during a move. The cost of halting business is just too much. We understand this better than anyone, which is why our office movers strive to complete the most efficient move possible. While we work hard to get you settled, you may still need to offer services to your clients. In which case, consider what you would need in order to support a skeleton crew of employees. Recognize your employee’s needs in terms of tech, network, and communications, and find them a temporary location where you can offer them these items.

Above all else, keeping a level head throughout the process can help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Taking on all of the responsibilities on your own is the fastest way to lose your cool, so be sure to create a team of trusted employees you can rely on for help. And don’t forget to get in touch with our consultants and movers!