Summer is a busy time for moving in Toronto and successful planning results in a stress free move! We have talked a lot over the years about planning and preparation but one thing we have never discussed is the route you and your movers take on moving day.

Most moving companies in Toronto will equip their movers or moving trucks with GPS units to navigate their way to your homes on moving day.  Others will use more “old fashion” methods like a physical map book or print routes off of popular mapping programs.

The dispatch team of the moving company of your choice will usually use their knowledge of the city to route the movers along the most efficient and traffic free route. But often you, as the homeowner, know your neighborhood better than anyone else. Knowing about local events and local road closures can help save you money on your move by cutting down travel time.

Do yourself a favor and contact your Toronto moving company to let them know of the best routes for the moving crew so you can cut down on the move time and get unpacked and set up quicker in your new home.

Happy Moving!