The title of this post isn’t referring to the nasty bed bugs that plague our city but a viral bug.  In the last week, almost every person in our office has been sick including myself.  I was in bed for almost 4 days last week and while in bed shivering with the chills, I started to think “what would happen if I was moving today”.  My reality would have been that my wife along with 2 kids would have had to bear the brunt of moving day.  But, what about people that don’t have anyone that they can rely upon on moving day.

People without roommates or significant others would have to rely on their movers.  But who would they call?  How would they coordinate things at destination if there was a closing or an elevator issue?  It got me thinking that a very quick contact list could be a very good idea to prepare the week of your move.  It takes all of 2 minutes but can save you lots of money and time on moving day should you find yourself sick.

Here is a list of contacts that you should have on a piece of paper for your movers;

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Building Security
  • Property Management
  • Emergency Contact
  • Neighbor at Destination
  • Previous Owners of New Home

This is such a short and obvious list but I thought it was a worthy post to add to our blog.  If you have any other contacts that you feel would be helpful, please do so in the comments.

Happy Moving!