In the latest in our series, we are starting the explore the specialized boxes.

A china barrel is a double corrugated box with the dimensions of 18” x 18” x 28”.  These boxes are used to pack kitchen items and breakables.  Always use newsprint in conjunction with these boxes to decrease your risk for damage.  Line the bottom of the box with 2 inches of crumpled newsprint and wrap each individual item in several sheets of newsprint again.  Pack plates vertically in the box (instead of horizontally to avoid vibration cracks through the plate as opposed to around it). Leave 2 inches of room at the top for more crumpled newsprint and make sure to fill all the way up so there is no empty space.  When you are done, shake the box and if you do not hear anything clanking together, you have done a good job. If you hear any noise of items hitting together, go back in, add more newsprint as required and check again.

If you are uncomfortable packing up the kitchen items or breakables, you can always ask your moving company for an estimate on a breakable packing service.  If your moving company packs and unpacks these items for you, they will also assume liability for any breakage.