In this latest installment of this series, we will examine some more specialized boxes and kits.

A mirror/picture kit contains a specialized telescopic box with bubble wrap and newprint to offer additional protection.  As the box itself is telescopic with a top and bottom fitting together, it creates a custom fit for almost any size of mirror or picture.  Movers can generally get 2-3 items per kit depending on the dimensions of the items.  The moving crew can also use this kit for things like glass table tops and wall mounted clocks or anything with a similar shape.

Flatscreen tv kits come in various sizes depending on the size of your tv.  Each kit contains a specialized box with bubble wrap and newsprint to mimic the original packaging that the tv came in (if you no longer have it).  Always provide the sizes of your tvs so that your moving company can send the proper size kit to accommodate and ensure the safe transport of this valuable electronic.  These kits can also be used for flatscreen computer monitors.