Moving day in Montreal is a true Canadian phenomena!  This tradition in the province of Quebec dates from earlier in the 18th century when the province mandated fixed terms for leases of rental properties.  Moving day is actually not a legal requirement.  If you are moving from Toronto to Montreal you may want to watch out for this day!  Good Toronto to Montreal movers will warn you about moving on Moving Day because you will deal with a lot more moving traffic at destination.  You could also face challenges with elevators if you are moving into a condo or apartment.

If you are using a Montreal moving company, call more than 6 months in advance if you have to move on moving day.  Movers in Montreal are known to work around the clock on moving day sometimes charging three times the normal rates of regular moving days.

Thrifty Montreal movers even offer moves using bicycle trailers as an environmental and more economical option.  If you are hiring Montreal to Toronto movers watch out for this day as more than 705,000 households moved in 2009.  For more about Toronto to Montreal moving companies, call us today.