Recently we moved offices.  Even we held off on moving as long as we could but our business is growing and we needed more space.   Moving is definitely stressful but it can also be a very exciting time. Moving gives us the opportunity for a fresh start and for positive change in our new homes (or office for us).  There are always rooms or layouts in our old homes that we want to change and moving gives us that opportunity to rethink layouts, designs and the utilization of space!

The greatest challenge for any moving company is operations.  It is the heart of all moving companies which is why we were set on building a dedicated operations station and environment for our movers and operations team.  We knew we needed something rugged, industrial and attractive as it was in an open environment.

We enlisted the help of our friends over at Garage Living.  We had a great consultation with one of their sales staff and the final product was exactly what we expected.  It almost made the move worthwhile!   It’s always the little things that make the biggest difference – one other shout out that I have to give with regards to our redesign is to Idea Paint.  What a great concept – our new paint cures in 3 days and we can’t wait to use it.

So if your moving soon, take the opportunity to make your new home better than the last. It’s the proverbial carrot in your move. Don’t forget to hire the right Toronto moving company either 😉

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