As if long distance moving wasn’t complicated enough?  Now they’re telling me I need a what?  A shuttle?  When planning your long distance move it is important to understand any and all possible extra charges.  One of these charges is for a shuttle and there is a very good chance you may need one if you are relocating to a city center.

Long distance moves are almost always done on an 18-wheel tractor trailer.  At certain pick-up and delivery locations such as tight city neighbourhoods, apartment buildings, condo’s and cities like Toronto or Vancouver, these big rigs sometimes do not have good access to your location.  If you were using a large Canadian van line, your moving company would work with them to arrange for a smaller moving truck from a local moving agent to complete your pick-up or delivery.

Basically, your movers will transfer your shipment from the 18-wheeler onto the smaller moving truck or vice versa.  This allows the long distance moving company to get easy access to any pick up or delivery imaginable and in a safe way.  Charges for shuttling depend on the size and location of your shipment.

In order to get the most accurate quote, notify your long distance moving company of any potential need for a shuttle at either the origin or destination of your move.

Happy Moving!