There are several terms that are specific to the moving industry that can be confusing to most people.  Here are a few of the most common words and what they mean for your move.

Travel Time: This is the time associated with getting the crew onto location from their warehouse and back at the end of the move.  Some companies charge this as a separate fee while others charge more in the first hour to offset this travel time.  The easiest way to think about travel time is when your items are NOT in the moving truck.

Drive Time: This is the time associated with getting from your first pickup location to your last destination.  For the most part, this is the time when the moving truck HAS your possessions on it.

Basic Valuation Coverage:  This is the coverage you should be receiving from all moving companies.  This covers your items against damage for up to 60 cents per lb per article and should be included with your move.  It is important to note that this coverage differs from general liability insurance so speak to your moving company about the difference.

Premium Valuation Coverage: This is the upgraded level of coverage that you can purchase for your belongings above the basic valuation coverage.  Most companies will start this at $5.00 per lb per article but you generally can choose a higher value per lb if you would like.  Again, speak to your moving coordinator about the difference in this coverage level versus insurance.

Inventorying:  This is a typical moving practice when items are coming to a mover’s storage facility.  It is strongly recommended (and in some cases mandatory) for a moving company to write out a detailed list of items with damages noted prior to moving into storage and the company taking possession and liability for the items.  Movers often place a tag with a specific colour and set of numbers onto each piece including boxes and will provide a copy of the corresponding list to you. This way, you can check off all items when they are returned to you and note any new damage at that time.

Bill of Lading:  This is the official contract that you will be required to sign on move day.  It should contain all of the terms and conditions of your move as well as the specifics of your situation (i.e. addresses, valuation coverage chosen, contact information, etc).

Packing: In the moving industry, packing specifically refers to the act of placing items into a box.  It is oftentimes confused with loading (packing the truck) and wrapping and protection of items (packing up the furniture).

These are just some of the moving specific terms that you may encounter during your search for a mover but be sure to ask your moving company for clarification on anything that is not clear.