Moving homes in Toronto can be both one of the most exciting and stressful events in life. Moving represents a new chapter, a thrilling jump into the unknown with incredible opportunities ahead. But before you start picking out paint colours for your new walls, it’s important to think about the practicalities of moving from old to new – including finding out how much do movers cost in Toronto.

If you’ve purchased a new home in Toronto, you’ll already know from your closing costs that moving homes can be quite an expensive endeavour. There’s the Ontario land transfer tax and the Toronto land transfer tax, legal fees and real estate agent fees. The list goes on… which is why when you hire professional movers, you’re likely invested in keeping costs down.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there’s more to hiring professional movers than simply the bottom line on the receipt. The saying “good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good” definitely applies to Toronto’s moving industry. There are over 3,500 moving companies in Toronto; some are extremely clean, courteous and professional while others can quickly make your moving day a misery. We can’t stress enough the importance of doing background work to ensure the moving firm you hire performs to or beyond expectations.

How are moving costs determined?

When estimating the cost of your move, there are a number of variables in play. The most important is the number of movers you’ll need to get the job done. The size of the truck required to hold all your possessions is another. Time is also an important factor, both in the time it will take to pack and unpack the truck, and the distance travelled between your old and new address. Naturally, moving firms appraise the number of belongings and estimate the total weight. Other variables taken into consideration include difficulty of access such as stairs and elevators, and even the time of year. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that affect the price of a move.

How do I calculate my moving costs?

Professional moving firms take a number of factors into consideration when drawing up your estimate. If you’re getting your estimate online or over the phone, it’s important to provide as much detail as possible to ensure your estimate is close to your final cost.

The size of your home and number of items Naturally, a studio or 1-bedroom apartment is faster to move than a 4-bedroom house. Additionally, the larger the home, the more movers are required. The size of your home is one of the biggest factors taken into consideration when drawing up an estimate.

Travel time Most moving firms typically charge a flat travel fee calculated against the distance travelled from their facility to your first location, and then from your second location back to the facility. Don’t forget, your moving team is on the clock as they drive from your first address to your second address, so a long drive or getting stuck in Toronto’s notoriously heavy traffic can and will impact travel time.

Stairs and elevators Stairs and elevators can be a complicating factor on moving day. Consider, for example, if you’re moving from a single-family home with a driveway, your moving team can get to and from the truck quickly. However, if they have to go up and down stairs, it requires more time and effort. If they have to wait for an elevator – again and again and again – this will also increase the time. If your move entails using an elevator, make sure to tell the property manager ahead of time and book a dedicated moving elevator if possible to minimize the wait. Many apartments and condominiums actually will not even let you use a standard passenger elevator for your move; if this is the case and you haven’t booked a moving elevator, you could be out of luck – especially if another resident has already booked the moving elevator in advance!

Value of items Even if your valuables have been expertly packed and protected, damage can sometimes occur. Fortunately, if you’re moving with a reputable moving firm that is an accredited CAM member, your possessions are covered under carrier liability insurance. This covers you for 60¢/lb. for any damaged items. If you have any very expensive items you’re looking to move such as a valuable work of art, make sure to declare this ahead of time and consider purchasing additional insurance to cover the item’s actual value. To learn more about moving insurance, read our Rent-a-Son ‘Are Movers Insured’ blog post.

Timing Sometimes, the time of year is taken into consideration when providing an estimate. The moving industry’s busy season in Toronto is during the milder months, which can drive up supply and demand, and pricing. Depending on the mover you’re consulting with, rates may be lower in the slower moving season (November through February) and higher during peak season (March through October).

Do Toronto moving companies also provide packing services?

Many moving firms also offer a variety of additional services. At Rent-a-Son, we offer professional packing and unpacking services that you can use for all your items, select items, or simply your most fragile and breakable possessions. After all, there is an art to packing and our packing teams have undergone rigorous training to understand how to expertly pack any item with ease, whatever the size or shape. Our packing services also economize on your time and effort and, don’t forget, you won’t have to buy any packing supplies and equipment either.

Another “top-up” service that will add cost but save priceless stress is our furniture assembly services. Many of the furniture items in your home can’t be moved “as is.” Large wall units, dining tables, shelving units, beds and more travel better when they’re taken apart and assembled again at your new address. Our moving teams are highly experienced assembly experts capable of taking apart and putting your furniture back together quickly and professionally. 

What are the average moving costs in Toronto?

There is no one-size-fits-all price, but all you have to do is request a free estimate from Rent-a-Son. Based on the information provided, we can estimate the approximate time needed to move you from address A to address B and the number of movers required. The prices quoted below are approximate starting costs, anticipating a straightforward move and average travel times.

Home SizeApprox. Time for MoveNumber of MoversEstimated Cost
Bachelor/studio3-5 hours2 movers$700+
1 bedroom4-6 hours2-3 movers$900+
2 bedroom5-7 hours3 movers$1275+
3 bedroom8-10 hours4-6 movers$2100+
4 bedroom +8-10 hours6-9 movers$3600+
Average estimates only. A Rent-a-Son moving coordinator recommend a custom plan based on your items, access and needs.