Let’s Celebrate Moving Day Together!

Every industry has a busy season, and for us, it’s the summer. It makes sense considering the Canadian climate. When most of the year is cold, wet, and potentially snowy, it’s not the ideal conditions for moving. Though we work through every season, we can appreciate most people don’t want to move boxes in the middle of winter. Even a particularly chilly spring (like the one we’ve had in Toronto) isn’t the greatest. It isn’t until June that we finally get to see warm, pleasant weather, which is why it marks the start of our most demanding season.

In Quebec, June 30th is considered an unofficial provincial holiday. It and Canada Day aren’t spent celebrating the nation but rather observing what Quebecers call ‘Moving Day’. It’s a pretty hectic weekend in La Belle Province, as approximately 70,000 people take advantage of the long weekend to make their move.

Back here in Toronto, most of us still spend the last day of June and the July long weekend as a time to celebrate Canada with our friends and family. But an increasing number of Torontonians have started to see the advantage of copying our Quebecer compatriots. Canada Day falls on a Friday this year, which, combined with the weekend, gives us 3 full days to move when nobody has to miss school or work. Its convenient timing is complemented by excellent weather conditions. (Trust us, as Toronto movers who have worked through snow, the heat of the long weekend is preferable by far!)

If you’re planning on capitalizing on Canada Day’s timing, let us know. As it’s becoming a popular weekend to move in the GTA, our time books up quickly, and we don’t want you to be forced to contact less esteemed moving companies for assistance. If you let us know with enough time in advance, we’ll have more of a chance of scheduling your move during this weekend. This goes for the entirety of the summer, too. The more warning you can give us, the more likely we’ll be available!

Though we may be busy, should we have the privilege of helping you move this weekend, our movers in Toronto will always take special care with your belongings. With reliable, efficient, and affordable packing, storage, and moving services, we can help you and your family at every stage of the process. As an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a member of the north American Van Line Moving Services, you’re guaranteed a superior moving experience at every step.

Give us a call to speak with one of our friendly representatives. They’ll be able answer any of your questions regarding your big day. You may also fill out a quick online application form to arrange for a free estimate. One of our experienced moving consultants will get back to you to guide you through our pricing system.

Whether you’re moving down the street, across the city, or from one end of the GTA to the other, we’re your number one choice for moving. This summer, choose the professionals and give us a call. We’ll celebrate moving day together!